Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

140 c , Co* '. -let Rom.r t. 29. e Mst.2.1.9. fatatb.y.zx. g , Cor.4 3. CH AP.2. AnExpafatt`onvpon the All Vatt.y.6. felues to their vanitie,fpeaking in the Cloudes, that the people might rather admire thtm, then bee edified by therm in their holy faith, gape vtinatft Me. Remedies of ir. Firft, Learne to bee lowly in thine owne eyes, to cen- temne thineowne excellencie. Dwell often ;Ion Medi- tation of thine owne naturali vilenetíe: take frequent no- tice of thy infirmities and imperfeftions: and thou (halt be forced to fay, They prayfethee, flatter thee. Secondly, Forger not whence thou haft Creceined, what - foeucr praile.worthy gift is in thee; Good reafon thou wilt thinke the beflower fhould bee prayfed in his gifts, rather then the receiuer. Thirdly,Conf der how loon the giuer can recall them; turne wifdome into folly; eloquence into filent dumbe- nette or ruflicitie.There aredgifts that are irrereocable.The vfuall matter of Pride, are endowmentPof another na- ture. Fourthly,Theinconflancyofthe giddie people feriouf- ly conf idered,abatesvain- gloriou:'nes.No reed in the wil- demrite more wauering then they. Chrill one while lift vp to Heauen, with an a Horanna; ftraightway to the CrotTe, with a f Crucifige. Pahl firft, a God; by and by a Mnrtherer, whomvengeance wouldnot [refer te litre. l won- der not at his fo g vile efleeme of mens cenfure,; knowing how vncertaine, inconflant, void of all lòlid comfort they are. But what if by glory, we vnderftand the hilt teftimony of his honour and dignitie,and acknowledgement of his titperiority ouer the people, to bee teftified by theirpay- ment of hisdeferued(lipend? neither is the Metonymie orange in Scripture; and thereto fuites the amplificati- on fubioyned: but .1 dare notlivarue from the ftreame of Interpreters. The amplification followcs ;by mentión of that which might haue beenc !lame helpc that way; hie power Apo- plied