Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

C^ 31M0- 01-. ll w VS IR n.. i .* j A 1: : 6 r1'bi1, f Tertsilian. iu Apologet, ad Cakem. 'VP I. tz Tim. z,g, Y .Aas i 39 * t f.z1.z. C H A P. r. Ait Expofltion vpots the firfl V E ít.r. that bloodie Tyrant, in r C e s AR s houfehold was a Church collected. And generally it bath beene obferued, in Places and Times,whcre Gods Truth hatkb cene moft oppoled by Pertécutions, it hath tnoft preuailed, that. the Church may fay of it ferle as lefeph, The Lord bath made mefrseitfull, in the Land of my afflillion. That made Ter_ tullianinfult ouer the cruelty of Tyrants, and aftera fort exafperate it. f Cruciate, torquete, damnais, attente nes. -- Exquifitior quaque crudelitas vefira, illecebra eft magic flee. Flores eficimur, quoties metitnur s vobu. Semen eft fanguis Chriftianorum. How fhould thisadde courage to vs Minifters in our Funélion, be we encountred with neuer fo many Aduer- faries and Oppofitcs againft the Truth e What good the Lord will haue vs doe, wie (hall doe, and none !hall be a- ble to withlland it. 1fuller afiEbion unto bonds, fayd the Apoftle; C But the Word of Çc4 ¡e not bound; that ftil hath palíage. Yea,where wee fee ftriuing of Aduerfaries, and Contradictions, thus let vs thinke, Some good is in wor- king,Sathan now feeles his Kingdotue begin ro totter. its but our weaknetle and ignorance, if there things difmayvs. Oppoutions haue euer beene in all places, where the Gofpell hath firft béene planted. The Deuil! neuer left his polïelúon, without much bickering and op- petition. But great is the Truth, and preuaileth. Where we find Aduerfaries, thus thinke we, The doors is opening; occafìon giuen vs to gaine to the Church of God. Mee thinker, in this refpeEt, the counfell of Gamaliel fhould fway with Oppofires, if not for Confcience, yet in Policie, toforbeare their cut butent Oppofrions, left haply they be found u fighters againfl God. Ifit bee ofGod, they cannot overthrow it. Why rage * the Heathen ? Why band they theinfelues acainf the Lord and his (.24i- ah ? Yet hash Vet his Kongzpon his holy Hill Sion, Ewen by thole meancs aduanced he his Chrit+into the Kingdoms of his Church, whereby Sathan laboured to hinder it. Our . bands