Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

C H AP.3. Epifllr to the Thcf/álouians. VER .s .6 141 fl olicali:Though we might haue been burther forte, as the .- popes ofChrift, Burthenfome: whether by way of charge, Or by vft,of Apoftolicall anrhoritiel this latter fòme refolue on But, as Beza well obferued, if that Apoflolica'1 authoritie bee interpreted granitic, and moderate vie of his power,wee may not tl-inke the Apoftle forgate it: If immoderate ri- gour, and Pharifaicall aufleriti ; the Apoftles had no filch cuflome, and were of another fpirit. Burt henf me, therefore vnderfland, chargeable 6y exa- Cling maintenance, as Verf7. r s Apoffles: that (As)take here, not exemplariter, but. caufaliter. Patel purpofèly (hewing his right and title to maintenance, which in fa- uour of the people he forbare to vfe. His praaïice muff be on like grounds,and in like occa- Ober. flow, our patterne, that our temporal!profits margin place to edification of Gods people; and our right in tÍiingstem- porall be parted withal(, that the fpirituaIl benefit of Gods people may be promoted. This Apoffles practice we haue ell(ewherein hke kind; h is title to maintenance, he auowcs by Law of God, of Nature, and Nations, yet forbeares vfe of ir, h left the Gofpell/hduld be kindred; like h t cor.q. i s. fee in our i Sauiour, in Abraham, that none fay it is a due- i B?attm, 27, .ie peculiar to Minifters. This prudence and equitie let vs carefully ptaflile,vn- Pf, derualuing the things of this fife to the fpirituall good ofour brethren.. They are not righteous, that always urge extremirie of right, and hold it for a principle, ro part with no right of their owne, for any good of ano- ther: What, n ttovvinneafoule? what Religion teach- eth fo to magnifie the craft) of this earth, as -ro preferre, I fay not trifles, but the whole world before the foules of Gods people? What if by parting with fume right, thou mayft prepare an Alien? What if by l igorous exalting, thou (halt further effrange him ? What gaine is it to win a world, and to foie thine owne route ? yea to hazzì "i d loiTe :