Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

<r..' _ p v.:;::u;, . ., . tia . ;:,., ` i42 ICHAF.Z. AnExpofitionvpon the frrft Vsx.7-s k ire, 19. lotTe of thy brothers foule. Confdet, with how deare a price they were bought, riot kmitb fiber andgotd,bur with the precious blood of the Sonne of God. Deflroy not thy bro- ther for meat,no nor for money, for whom Chrift dyed. VElts. 7.8. Tut tree were gentle among you, eaten as a Nurfe cheriAeth her children. So being of feetionately defarous o f you, we were willing to hand imparted vntayou, not the Gofpell of God one y, but alfo our owne fouler, becaufeyee were deare veto vs. N this Text is fet downe the fecond hel- ping caufe to the preuailing of Pauls Mi. nifterie; his meeke and amiable demea- nour towards them, lit out: Firft,by f mi- litude: fecon4,amplitied alto by the fruit or effeCt of it in the Apoftle, Verf. 8. Gentle asa Nurfe: that like as a nulling Mother, in the rendernelfe ofher affe tion,deales with the Infant of her wombe,bearing the waywardneffe of the childe, and la- bouring by all meanes to giue it contentment; inch was the Apotties carriage towards this people, fomecke, ló pleating. The vertue here commended vnro vs,implyes the ex. ercife of two Chriftian graces, whereof it leernes after a fort, to haue its compoltion: Eirft, t_Ileekenc re : i cnnd- ly, Placiditie, as for want of a playner eerrne, l am forced to call ir. Meekenetle:vnderlland that gift of the Spirit,rmodera- ting the affe &ion of anger, fo farre, that it is not eafly prouoked, or fet on fire with any froward or vntoward behauiour of others; a vertue oft commended to our:x- ercife in the worke of the Minifterie. To7imothie, Patel inioynes vie of it towards oppofites,tlhat are inch ofigno- rance, , r` 3, P'i ,+; .. Mkv _ ,..Y