Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

IMF C s A P. x. Epiftle to the Theffalonians. V a a.7.8. 143 rance,not of hopeleiTe obll nacie,though perhaps he had feemingly loft many a whokfiome inflruLtion,and admo. nirion: his Reafons; Firft, cod may in r his t:me glue ! h ritn.3. iq, them repentance, :far any time, we fhould nor think our 1 26. .patience fruirlefhe. Secondly, their 6cndage hard vnder Satan, that eafily kaues not his hole'. Thirdly, their mi- fetieby meanes of that bondage, fhould make vs mecke- ly compaffionate; To 'Titus like duty is inioyned vpon other reafons: Firfl,n) remembrance of our oweforlorn eítate. Secondly, m rit.3.zi3i4, of the power ancjgrace of God in our refcue. Such meeke- netTebefeemes vs ailtowards the people ofGod, that no way wardnelfe, except hopelefly obtlinate, fhould pre - uaile,to make vs furceafe paines,in vfing meanes to gaine vnto Ch rift. That haftie hotfpurre.humour of many Minifters and people, fo toone wearie of weldoing, becaufe they fee not prefcntfuccetfeof their cndeuours, forts not with Chriftian meeknefle or compaflion. It hath, I confefJe, great examples, but none without checkf. Thus let vs thinke: Firft, many a holefome admoni- tion,holy Sermon, fwecr fiction 'f Gods Spit it, negle- Lied wee in &yes of our vanirie : lr.,d the Lord beene as careletTe of vs,as we are ofour S re: hren,we had full con- tinued in that damnable eflate ofditcbedience, Second - ly,the purchafe is excellonr,if at any time God give opor -. tunitie to gaine ir;fuch as we fhould thinke cheape rated at any paines,we can take to procure it: n rhou fhaltfaue tats+t.s. ,zik, a foule ,and cotter a multitude of fìnnes. Thirdly, perhaps the c of fo little good doing by:. the meanes,tlicks in our feìaes; through, Fill}, lacke of prudence, to obferue circuirdLnces; or, fecondly, neg- leEt of prayer to God; for his bleffrng vpon our ende- uours. The second branch of gentler'ffe is Placidirie,a plea- fing kinde of carriage, fitted t o ycdd all good content- ment