Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

s 144 CHAP.L. AnExpojitionvpon the ftrft Va ft. 7,g ment to our Brethren,fo Far as may Hand with good con o z Cor.g so, fcience. So PanlproFeffeth to haue become a 0Iew to aa. !ewes, make ro the weake,all things to all men in things indrf -. ferent, that dy all manes he might trinnefome; fo runnes his iniunEtionto all Gods people, not to P,pleafe them/dues, but emery man another in things that are good to edifying,' The ancient Caueat muff here be remembred;that this Mile bads ad Aras onely permits not to gratifie another, with violation oFour owne contcience. In things lam- fullbecome all to all, to winne fotne; but take heede how thou inferre the good fellowes Conclufion: there- fore to become mate for euery pot-companion: to runne with the intemperate, to the fame cxcefTe ofryor,fo doe good to others, that thou defiroy not thy own foule, by gEpbefg,il. clogging it with the guilt offinne:9haasenofellowJhipwith thevnfiuitfnllworksofdarknefre, faith this Apoftle,that in things lawfull,commends to vs by Precept and prafticc, care to gratifie and y eelet contentment to o&brethren. 7Jfe.Y They are therefore too quarrelfome centimes of -rigo- . rous people, that taxe as breach of dune in a Knitter, all fociable ioyning with their people in matter of honeft and lawfull recreation, and would exaétall,after the rule of fome, more auftere in that behalte. It is not vainly no- ted by our Saaionr, r IoHH BAPTIST Came neither rg. eating nor drinking; the Senne of man came eating and drin- king : the one by auft critic, the other by more familiar /,y laboured to gaine to Gods Kingdom: : bee is ouer-rigo- mus, that interdifts to any fociable conuerling either with Nouices, or Aliens,as in things indifferent, or tem- pering his demeanour in things of that nature, fo vpon reafonable obferuance,he Bid finde to be fittell for their gaining vnto Chriff. S econdly,no lefTe blame - worthy, is that neglea ofbre- thren invfeof Chritlian hbercie, in things indifferent; thinking the benefit ioft.,ifeither loyàltie,or charity mutt limit the vfe of it. Thus did not Paul. 4r