Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

C N A P.2 &Piffle to the Tbefalonianr. V a a. 7.8. Asa Nurfe, vnderf}and, not a Norfe mercenarie, but a nurfing mother, wliofe affections are mots tender,ther- fore it is added, her (name Children. frith what tenderuefeofaffdim a C3finifjerlots /d bee Obfer, deuétadto his people, is the note. 1f any more tender then another, !liar affeetionfliould a Minder exprefl'e. In fmilitudes, thus haue wee our Predecet %rs profefñng their loue,14s Fr6enj,t4s Mot hers: here as murfingMo- cs cor,q,rf, them. Timothy his great commendation was, rhar hee tGal.4a7. would cuen u natasrdly case for the welfare of Gods peopb." u I'oitip.a.2o. To naturalize this tendernetl'c oflouing aff'aion,rhefe meditations are forcible. Firfl,oftheir miferable herein nature. Secondly, dangerous Ration in grace:When our Sauiour faw the people, as fhee pe without al epheard, x he had x Matth.9.; 6 comps on: the word lignifies, the yearni>,tgof the bowels, Inch as is the molt tender picie arid compa(lion. Third- ly, of the deare price they were purchafed withaif, Y the y Aá.20. to. blood of God. Fourthly, the comfort accrewing to vs by their happineire, though the people by vs haue their fil- uatidn, yet we by them onr Crowne, t encreafe of ourglory. z Dan, t:. 3. But that which wil mof} sffeCt,is experience of forrowes, remembrance of our own mifcric,innature. Compaffion is bell learnt by experience; wherefore our high Ptief}, a that hee might be merciful}, tapes of our infirmities, and >t N,b.4.r p. temptations. And the Lord fcemes to haue laid enough, to procure from Ilraelitespitie of ftrangers,for that them- fillies had been Pi /grims, b and k tewthe heart o¡ffrangers. So being of tlio,r ately delirium of jmn,&c. for farther am- b Exod.a3.9. plification of his loue towards them, he mentions the ef- feCb and fruits of his loue,which he felt in himfelf,efpe- cialiy his liberal difpofition,and kind- beartednefTe,ss we may call it, fo great, that hee profetreth bee could hale found in his heart, to impart vnto them with *remit contentment, the dearer} things, not the Gofpell one y, but hidowns Life. Seliber411 is lore, if not prodigall ofthe dwell things, to Obfer.; L thofe