Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

C A P.1* Eriflle to the Theffalonians. V E R. 7.8.' in a Mintier to lay down his life for the peoples fake, the caufe of truth requiring it ?l dare fay,Paul had no thought of his fupererogaring in &is meafure of Charitie: but vndet andR, this; for the ac uall performance, is amongfl the duties, that are duties in cafe, not neceflàrily to bee abed, till the Lord call for life in way of Martyrdome; yet euer mutt it be relólued on,pr.eparationeanimi. And in cafe tae caufe of Truth, and good of the Church call for it, wee It ought to 1.41 downe our limes fer the Brethren, much, Firff, Chriits toile in dying for vs, requires at our hands. Secondly,rogether with the good ofthe Church; by; i.ft,iorfirming weaklings : fecandly, incouraging tt ,herimorous:thirdly,cecalìomng Aliens to inquire into theDoftrine, wholefweetnetffei.sinch; whole diuine Author fo certainly knowneby the Teachers, that life is not deare, to procure it (üpport and propagation. Firn, this meafure of liberall refolution in loue to- wards God and his people,let vs labourfor.Firft,by this, if by any n :eanes,1 death becomes aduantage: Euerychilde of God is a gayner by death; mots they that make a ver- tue ofnecefitie, whom God honours with the Crowne of Martyrdome, Secondly, and if from any meafure of loue,ro the Brethren, we may concludeourm tranflating frem death to life; moll from this, when life is not i:olden deare,ro purcha(e glory to God, good to his Church. Secondly,withall wee mutt take notice, of Gods ten- der refpe t to our weaknetre, in chefe daies of Peace, and Libertie, vouchfafed vs ;difpenfing with vs for this hard- (hip in Chriftianitie, contented to trie vs with reproches only,or fuch like flea- bicings ofperfecution ;wherein yet, it were well,if we bewrayed not too much delicacie. Me thinks,comparing our felues in chefe timcs,with the Saints of God, haue gone before vs;f cannot, but as admire Gods power,fo marvellous in their weakneilë, fo wonder at our tendernetfe; readie to lhrinkefrom holy praftice and profeflion, for reproches, and a little loge of L a com 147 k T Irk. 3.16. l/fe I 1 Thil.r.zt; sn t jsh.3,14. z r) e P