Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

\Inf-° . :i . .: p l `,: , .a s_ : ,-t4ct.6N .`7i.F, . #rrA',... -_. i4$ attCOr,9.ty. o s Cor.$.to. p s co.E.r Z. 3. g, s r 1ob.5, 3. C x A P. z. An Bxpofition 'Ion the firff V r. A.7, S. com:r,oditie and care. Had wee liu: d in dayes of our Fa- thers, when fire and fagot. feemed an eafìe eomp.ndiutoo of tortures, what had become of vs ? Thus rhinke,God is mercifulí to v s in thus tempering af. flia ions to one flrength. Withal!, by there light troubles, takes tryall of our refolurion, and would perhaps pre- pare vs to greater tribulation. The manner of Pantes inclination to th efe offices of loue. romaines StAatiwv: heewould in that terme expretre that. plea!ance,and contentment he found,in the harllreft du- ties of loue cowards this people. And it mutt be ob!crucd,as a circumfi<ance adding numb grace to emery good performance,when it is done with ple.tfance,. contentment ,and beanie good liking. To preach the G.otpell as ofneceffitie, is fence thankc- worthy, to n doe it wit- lingy, hathapprobation,& reward with God.The Apoffles fpeeeh feemcs ftrange;ye halve hegnnne not one y to doe, °hut to wi1t. ¡sir more co will, then ro doe? Norio: but it is snore to doe willingly, then ofneceffitic, becaufe tome. thing we thinke mutt be done. Hence finde wee the will, f nnrerimes accepted without the workc, neuer the worke,where this will is wanting: of Mercie, if there de P areadiem nd, a man is ac- cepted, though his gift be Etna!!; yea in cafe of inabilirie, though none at all. In new obedience,ifthe will bepre- fent,defc &s flowing from infrmitie,arc winked, at.Mar_ tyrdome it Idle is not tfifartyrdorae, except it ilfue from loue, and be commended by this complacenti t. Euidences of ir take there: Fero, gladfomnetíe,and ioyfull entertaining occafr 'ans of weldoing. Secondly, fuch men arevpronident,& forecaftingto do good works. Thirdly, their grit-Fe is nor, to doe,. but ro faile in doing du tie, the r Commandment is notgrieuotu,orbtorthenfome, but defefls in obedience. Means; ro procure and increafe it: firft,con(ideration of the glorious reward: fecondy, the prefent:peace and '' comfort con(cience fceles in weldoing. V E R S.