Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

CH AP.2. Epifile to the 7`he(f%aloisians. VH11.9. Vatts.9. Forye remem6er,Bretbren,our labour and trauaile for lakes- ring night and day, 6ecaufe we would not be,chargeable vn. to any ofyou, we preached vntoyou the Cofpeil of God. He Apoftle in there words makes probar ble his proteftation, of fo heartie wel- wifhing to this people. Reaion enough they had to thinke him thus kindcly affe- lted towards them; for that on firch termes of hard trauell and handy labour, hee forbare exalting maintenance duc for preaching, in fauour of them. The words abound with occafions of queftion,wher- with men ofcorrupt mindes,lacking better imploymenr, haue peftercd them.That is, 6rft, whether Paul in this praltice did fupererogare? So Papifts affirme, for herein he did more then was commanded, . Supererogatory workes, in their Language, are good workes, done oucr and aboue inioyned dutie. From o- ther good workes they thus diner: Fin i, Where there is a Commandement, there !yes a bond vpon the Confcience to doe fo, and no otherwife. In there ofSupererogation,the Confcience is not bound; they are left to our dicretion to doe, or omit. Secondly,Matters of Ptecepr,if they be done, haue reward: if omittcd,punifhment. In workes of counfell, the omiffion hath no punifhmen ; the petfertnance hath greater reward. Such they conceit, was this fa& of Paul: had he prea- ched for his hyre, hee had done nothing againft duties the dore preaching on free colt, he did fupererogare. There are duties ordinary; that bind limply to al times and occafuîons.There are duties exrraordinary,or in cafu, vpon fpeciall occaûon. Example, to preach the Gofpell, L3 is 149