Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

9 1 i5o lemiP.2. doExpofitionvpos the id! VER.9. a dutie ordiparie, euer binding a Miniller : Woe so him In if he preach not : ro preach freely, is not alwayes a duties yet in cafe, either neceitieofthe Church inforce ir, or fr car.9,t6, r8. fappearanee offcandall require it, izr that cafe ir becomes a dude. Or thus,Precepts Lome are offlrillIußice;fomeofEquity and Charirie. To abltaine from recompence, is no Pre - cept in ftriEl lufiice: but yet is a Precept cf Equirie and Charitie. As to abllaine fi orn this or that n,eate,is no du-' tRem.r4.r5 tie in thin Iuflice. But in cafe our 73rother bee offended, u t Cur.S. i a. Eguitie and Charitie command; abflinexce; wee elfefanne u a gaìr,,al Chrifl, agaiaflthe Brethren. Such :h:nke t?:is fall of Paul, a dutie in Equitie and Charitie, to which her was bound: inrefpeff,frrfl, of the Churches pouertie, fecondly, of appearing fcandall. A fecond qucilion fats in occafionally; whether it be a dutie ofa Minifler,binding him at all rimcs,in all places, in euery efface of the Church, to preach the Golpeil fri lyt fo tome haue concluded abfurdly from this ptaflìce of the Apoflle, But Firíl, Why then prouides the Lord fo liberally, fer Leuites maintenance? x t cer, g, í. Secondly, and = why inferrer Paw/thence, our title to r3,r4. afàlaric ? Thirdly, With what Confcience takesCcphau and the Lords Brethren recompence from the Churches ? Fourthly, How durfl Paul prelle it as matter of dutie y Gals. <o upon the Confcience of the inflrufled, to r make the in- flrstaer partaker of all his good; ? Fiftly, And how piofefreth he remiflion of his right, if he hadno title to exafl it ? Sixtly, Yea,he deciaresitto be Chrifts Ordinance, that they that preach roe yo ¡pell, Jhoseld lime oftbe Gofpell, Obietl. Yet Chrifl commanded togstse z freely, becaufe they 8, had freely receiued. níw. Limit ir, fay fotne, Firfl, to miraculous Cures.