Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

C H A P. I. Ept'Ifle to the 4-he lonisms. V $ $ . i . bands, faith P A V L, x haue faire cut rather to the furtke- x plhil. r -r z. ranee ofthe Gofpell : zeale grcwes in Gcds children by oppofition. The confhancieof Gods people in Tertuni- < ans time, was much admired by Tyrants, howeuer fcof- fingly they termed it obHinaey. « And,iKs.ipfa s6tinatio, . rertalllwa Y Team exprebrati:, mag f ra efl, Q`is enim non contempla- fwpra. time eitts concutitur,ad requirendum quid intue inrefst ?2uis non vbi regsai fiuit,accedit? vbi acceffit, pati exoptat ? Wee fee how powerfully God was ple aled to breake thorow oppofìtions, to fulfill his purpofe, in calling this people to the flare of his Church. Compare their flare prefenrx wee (hail fee in them a fpeftacle of Gods impar- tialliuflice, They were a Church famous, through the world; the fame of their faith founded farrc and neere : Their place now become a receptacle for Mahomet, a Synagogue for Satan, a Temple for Turkifh Idolatrie : So, true is ir, that gods Kingdome sr tyed to no particular Obfer. place orpeople.Churches may becomeno Churches;where now God bath his Church, Idols, yea Deuills, may here- after be worfhipped.The Churches of letter Afïa, famous in their times, into their roomer haue fucceeded abomi- nable Idolaters. Betbel,oncc Bethel, the Houtè of God; wader Jeroboam, became YBeth -anen, the houfe of iniqui- y Hof 4 :S. tie. Icrufalem, the praife of the whole ea th, had pro- miles fingular made unto ir, f lch as had no particular Church in the world betides. z Here is my refs; here:rill1 2P¡al.r3s.4. Abide for ester : yet now, the place become a heape of 1 A Hones,. and the people difperfedwithout a King or Pro- aHofa.3; 4. li 'het, any (hew of a people of God. This is the Lords do- mng,and it is maruellous in our eyes. Learne we hence,b not to be high- minded but to feare: for vp. 0,c oofGodfpared not natural' branches,not other Church es,take bRom, W.O. i me heed lefiheealfosarenot vs. Wee Hand yet by Gods zt- nrercy in (late of his Church ; having in gracious mea- litre Gods Truth taught and profetfed amongfl vs . But hall delude our felues, if wee th inke this fauour fo tycd 1 B Qi vitro