Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

C H A P. Z. -WIC' to the T he;(falonians. V 8 R.9. Secondly, Others, to that time. Thirdly, Diflinguith fame will haue vs betwixt Do- ¿trine and labour therein. The Doïtrine we glue freely; for labour require recompence. Fourthly, Our Sauiour orders the affeEtion only,pro hibiting a mercenary atfcEtion and greedy appetite of gaine. In the meane -time permitting to care and drinke, and takefupply ofneceffities,in places where they fhould preach: vpon that ground, The a labourer is worthy of hie hire. As to Paula example, and reafon built theron,th us we anfwer: In pia 1ices of Saints, binding to imitation, we mutt haue eye not oncly to their fa 1, but to the cir- cumflances of doing. Cúcumtlances often vary the cafe fo farre,that what is necetfary for one, in fòmecafe, at form time,on fome occafion,is not necetfary,nor perhaps lawfull to anorher,circumftances being altred. Paul b cir- cumcifed Timothy , to auoid fcandall of Iewes ; yet could at no hand bee brought to ciresemcife Titans; fo fare had circumflances varied the cafe; there now ap- pearing peril) of e betraying Euannelica /l libertie, In this point of maintenance; other Churches he profelred d to haue fpoylfd;of Corinthians refuferh flipend. The fumnie is, in cafe, firft, Of fcardal1. Secondly, Of Churches po- uerrie, Paulforbeares his right; our of thole cafes vlerh it. In like café wee thinke our (clues bound by Pauli ex- ample: elfe free,to take benefit of the Lords Ordinance. The third inquirie: may it beelawfull for Miniflers to vfe Manuell labouu? to vie Handi- crafts? In no cale laid cAtefalianHeretikes; Religious men may not labour with their hands.For it is written, a Be not careful) for the body. Firfl, That Precept concernes people, as well as Mini - fters. Secondly,Prohibits only diflruftfull carking for things of this life, without dependance on Gods prouidence or L 4 con-