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'7" :Ott,`..:.,_ 15 Z C H A P. 2 fits Exp fition vpon the fimi VBR.9. f toh.6. L7. 0140. erQs fir. OueÍ{ gzTbef:r3.7o Anfm. ha inr.4,t3. 25, 6. 5. 27. k z Tim.z.4, 1 411,6. a) 4, cas Tbef. 3. 8,9, Obiefi. Anfw, confidence in his premile. Conferre z Timothy 5.8. Labour f not for the meat that perifketh. That Precept alló belongs equally ro Seculars. Secondly, Mull be vndei flood comparatiuely, rather for thefood that lafis to euerlaffing life. The fumnf e is, Pauls practice warrants it, in like cafe: though out of there cafes, Firh, Diffractions : Secondly, And )inch indecorum mull be carefully auoyded. Lof}ly,iris queftioned whether it bee a durie of a Mi- niller to labour with his hands ?Yes,fay fóme. Pawls Ex- ample feernes binding: his Precept fpecially, g Hee that wild not labour, may not Bate. In cafe, it becomes a durie; filly, or at all times no durie, rather finfnll. Fi, it, The charge is to h attend to reading, and to he iz+ filch things; î to labour inWord and D e&`rine. Secondly, To free our fel utsfrom kde/Iraîfions by fecu- lar imploymenrs; fish Apoftles rid themfelues of an Of- fice more coniunct with the Miniftery, that they might giue themplues ene y to the Word and Prayer. Thirdly, And the Lords prouiûon for Leuites was 1c made, :liar they might attend the Altar, and wait con- tinually on the Sanctuary. in Paul's Example a wide diiparitie appeares, as, Firft, Haling n cxtraordinarie Spirit to aflift him for his Fun - ¿lion. Secondly, Yeelding of right upon fpeciall oc- cafions : as Firft, To auoyde (hew of Couetoufheflc.. Secondly, in To cafe the Church difireffed. Thirdly, ¡' By example, to rtinne authentic to his Canon concerning labour. To the reafon from the Law oflabour. Ir is colc£elfed, the Minillery is not exempted from la- bour. Bur they are deceiued, that thinke there isnola- bour but Manuall.The mind bath his labour euen to de- fatigation, not withour commerce of the body. And of this kind o£labourwould our Sauiour be vnderflood in that