Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

CH AP.2. Epißle to the 7/icfiáfonians. VER. to. 153 that principle; The Laloa ref' i, rrorthyof his hire ; And labeur,faid the Apoffle,in wcrdandúca`lrine. To Chut vp there cuti {ions : miferableis the flare of that Church, wherein Minif} ers are forced to handy -la- bour; one of the two me thinkes it ai gues:either the ex- treme pouerty; cr the prof bane vnthankfulnetJe of the people. Vs RS. 10.XI.i2. Tee are witne f fes, and G O D alto, how bold y, and iui), and vnblameablwebehauedour felues, among you that beleeue. As yee knelt how wee exhorted, and comforted and charged euery ofyou (at a Father cloth his Children) ?"hat ye wouldwalke worthy of God,wbo bath calledyou veto his Kingdome and glory . r s- lILecifs oe/ t ,asRhetoricians call it, q.d.tofay ) in a word, yee know how vnblamea- il bly we behaued our felues `i Withal] conceiue, the Apofile intimates another furtherance of the preuailing of his Mini$erie ; his vnblameablelife; fet out firil, by the parts, fecondly, Ggnes thereof; ap- prooued by appeale to the L OR D S, and the peoples teftirnonie. His prat-lice fherrld be our patterne,whomfoeuer god bath honoured fo farre as to a f fume him to mintfter before hirn;y ea, of all thofe,ouer whom Gods Name is call: d, the duty is to depart from iniquity. Teftimonics are infinite: view there few cited in the Margine.. Reafons whereby it is preffed manifold. Firft,it bringsglory to God. Secondly,Comfort to our Seules. Thirdly. 011er. Malik ía4>tS, I6. z Pet. X. ro. Philip. 3.1f. a Pet. x,eh' 3. Jot.