Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

,`z_!Mï:.,.:..:"®iQ ?'.Ç n.kü:`,.y,w -.r.._ _:-8i.d,.z . 154 C H A P.2. An Expofitioas vpon the ftrfi V alum. Yfè. n Tit.z.t z. ozPtt.z.i3. Thirdly, Benefit euen to Aliens. As the negleì drawes, Firth, BI !Albany on the Name of God. Secondly,Fearefull expeetation of vengeance on our (clues. Thirdly,Farthcr eftranging of Aliens from the life of God. Our care let be,on this occafîon,doubled to adorne the Gofpell which wee preach or profeiTe, that howfoeuer humane frailcie permits vs not to hue without fin;yet by our gracious endeuours,we may liue without crime. Two fpcciall Branches of this blameledè life,the A- poflle points vs vnto. Firth, Holineffe; Secondly,Iufiice. Holinefre conceiue to contain whatfocuer dude concerns our perfonall cariage, without relation or di. reel refpea vnto men : deduced by the Apoftle ro Thus, into Firth, n Pietie, Secondly,and Sobrietie. Iuthice, an e- uen cariage in all commerce, or dealings wee haue with men. And here two forts of men fall vnder iufl reproofe. Firth, They,whofe privateconuerfarion, inrefpefl of Pietie and Temperance,isfree from flame, and blemifh of enormious rranfgrefiiion;who yet, in occafionall dea- ling with men,forget all rules,I fay not, of Charitie and Compaflion,but of common Equicie:yea,almof} of all ri- gorous Iuthice: Profecuting the finallefl wrongs, with extremirie of reuenge;exa(ingfinalleftrights, after ri gour ofLaw: not abflayning from Fraud e, Rapine,Vio- len:e,orif there be any ether harfh dealing,that we may cenlùre iuiuflice: of whom we may wailing fay,as Peter, o Spots they are,and Wets in our .4 f emhlies: by whof occaf on the way of God is blal hemed. A fecond fort there are, whole glory is that their hues are harmelefTe1luflice they obfèrue exaUly,&plain dea- ling