Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

C H A P. 2. Epiflle to the Theffalonians. V E x. i o. ling in their paragcs of craffique one with another; per- haps alto neighbour offices of kiudnelre , and mercy fomerimes paire from them; whole perfonall cariage yet viewed,no Leopard is found fuller of f iots,then their liues of foule blc nifhes. Curled (wearers, [coffers at Religi- on,infariable drunkards,&c. And in this kind what not? worít friends they fay ro themfelues. But the Prouerbe is,Qi fs6inequam,cui bonus ?neither hurt they themfelues only;li ow many bane th,y by their pernicious example? What God would haue ioyned together, let no mantra a- funder. Iuftice and Sanftitie are lifter- Graces. There is neither in foundneffe,where either is wanting. For tcfirnony of truth in this proreftation he appeales to God,and the people, Tee are tritnefer,and'Godalfo.Tee, fay fome,of our iuftice,God,of oar holinefe. This twofold teffimony (four blamelef fe 1ife,wee fhauld all labour to promerit. Whcnce was the Apoftles endeuour, P to haue cleare confcience before God, and before all men. And his charge, to 9 procure things bonrfl not one y on the fight of God, but ally in the fight of men. The one for our .comfort,the other for our brerhrcns commodity.Thar is knowne of Bernard : there are two things ncceffarie, Confcientia propter te,ftma propter,proximscra. What com- fort hat h our confèience,when men applaud vs,and God condemnesys? and what profit comes to men by our privarc holinetîe ; when our outward life wants, if ble- m;fh,ycrnot 11dpicion ofiniquitie ? There is to this day a brood of Pharifcs, paynred Se- pulchres, among[{ ihriftians,rheir ourfìde glorious,and full of beautie, their inwards fraught with rottenneife, ,and deadly corruption. Their whole care is to appeaee, and be applauded holy amongft men, yet is it r flame to name the thinks that are done of them in ferret. Alas, what auailesit ro bee applauded of men the mirrour of',one- ¡tie; when God, and thy confèience accule thee of by- pocrifie? 155 A obier. pAfh24,16. g8cm.iZ.17. VP. r Epbef, f. r a.