Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

T S 6 , C S A P.Z. .dn Expo/ition upon the fart V R R. I I. A f econd fort there are almotl enoáìOpcent: Their 'pro- fe(Fwn is, wh lie God and their conCcience acquit them, not to care what men fay of them;and in that refolution, rufh,if not into euills, yet into foulefl (hewes and appea- rances of euill. 'Paul belike laid in vaine, r Follow things ofgeodreport, and labour to haue t good teffimonieflan, them without, and glue none u occafaon to the er duerfary of beaking euill. Saith Bernard, paraphrafng that of Salomon, a Lilly amongfi norms : The manners ofmen, as Lillies, haue their colours and odours; that which comes from a pure heart and good confcience, hath the colour of a Lilly,if good name follow,it it more truly a Lilly, when neither candor nor odor of the Lilly is wanting. í Phil.4.1. t i Tim.;.7. ui7im.f.q. VER SE. Irl /bye know how we exhorted and tfifed, &c. Hat hee protefted of his holy and blame- idle life, hee here makes euident bya Ggne : it was the carefull performance of euery branch of his office, exhorting, comforting, tellifyáng, which a!}s of his office, he fers out: Firfl, by the manner, infmilitude: Secondly, by the matter, that they would walk! worthy o f'god. The inference of holineire out of care to difcharge his calling,occaíons vs this obreruarion. Holinefe beg Hewes it ¡elfe in careful! difcharge of ear perfonallfienílicns. He is holy indeed, that is filch in his place. Thus thinke,there is by Gods ordinance a double calling of eucry Chrif}ian: Firfl,generall,as he is a Chri- ftian . Secondly,particular,as filch a Chriftian : fuppofe a Magiftrate,Minifter,Ma?ler of a Familie,&c.he is not holy, than hues vnblameably, in the common duties of Chri- 06fer. -- -