Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

C H w>r, z. Epifile to the Theffato»iians. Vae. t T. Chriflianirie, negle£ ling faithfulnetlein his fpcciall Cla- rion. I goes currant with Politiques ; he may be bonut Ciuss,that is not bongs vir; that ltIaxin,e is no principle. Jn Chriftianitie,l dare fay,lhe is no good man,:har is not Inch in his place. Eli is thought to haue beenc a good man for his owne private behauiour; his goodnette was fouly blcm'flied,by being t foill a Magiirate,pnd though from parricnlaromiQìons we may not infcrre a nullity of his honeftie,yet may we without feare fay, hee was a de- fcftiue good man,Iò farte no good man, as he fayledin the duties of his office. A point deferuing ferious notice in there times,wher- in,! know not by what ignorance,rn errour,men are ge- nerally mit- caryed with opinion of holinefle, as much as is meet; for their crimelei%cariage in common duties of Chritîianity, though faulting too fouly in duties of perfonall Calling : the Minifler, whole life isfpotletfe, thinks, highly of hitnf elfe,and is ready to fay, cuen roan, other Paulamongfl the Apofllcs for paynes, as they in the Prophet," Stand also fe, I am more holy then thou; be- caute no Drunkard, nor Adulterer, &c, in life a rypeto his f'locke; neuerlóignorant,or negligent in the Word and Doftrine.This is,f confeffe,lótnerhing a rare venue among that Crue : to be types to their fiocke. in eon- ;ter/at/on. But they fhould remember, this dutie con - cernes rhunas Chrilianr Chriflianitie bindes them to inch holincifeinlife. TheMinifierie requires X.inftant prcarhin,and. (b requires ir;that it cries, Y Woe tovsifree preach net the Gofie /l,though.orherwife our lines were no letrethen Angelical!: like thinke of other particulars : the Graces of Gods Spirit mull all bee exercifed in the particular Vocation. Follow theipecialries,ofPáu /roffice focarefully per- formed by him. Exhorting ,Comfortinc,Tefying.where ageine occutres the obi-ciliation made ad verf. 3.though inn-tore particulars..lnfirutlion, is not she wholeofpreach- kip 117 t t Sam.saz, 29. u Ij.+i.6s. r. X Z Yiht q.2. y t Cor:g. iá,