Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

\to-: zb ti v PrJ .atá ú: ' :rA -; ` S.-h-'!ß..G,.>. . As, ['X : }'-: 158 C H P. 2. fln Expofation vpon the firft ing : Thereto muff bee added Exhortation, Corn- fort; if need bee, Obteilarion. Sec what is there large- ly fàid. H ere on ely re ui ew the necetie of all theft in the cokrfe óf our cliniery, Firfl,Of:Exhortarion.That:mayme we receiucd in the fall, and haue increafed by long cuflome of euill, re_ maines isn die belt and molt regenerate; as in nature,we are ftrongly inclined to euill,flrangely auerfc from euery' good duty; So in flare of Grace, there are remnants that propenion to euill, no fmall relikes of drowlìncffe and dulnetfe to good duties. In Prayer, Hearing, entry religious Office, who,that oblerues himfelfe, ,finds it not ? tliofe Lwordsofthe wife,theLord hath giuenvs, u goacdes to quicken our duinelfe, when wee are exhorted by the c M ffers o (the Abnm6lies. Secondly ,Of Comfort : There is no calling,no duty but hash ltis crotTes attending Without vs,the World; whiles fcoffing at Piety, and laughing it out of counte- nance; whiles threatning; whiles vexing; alwayes la- bouring to difcourage;few to accur :o,ny, many to op- pole vs. Within vs,Confcience of an miry and imper- feelion;fò.preualent with many,that they become wea- ry of wel- doing,becaufe they are weake in doing. How needfull for the people were a B4rn,4.16, a afonnesf evn- folation, to fupporr the weake , and comfort the feeble- ' minded ? Thirdly, OfConteflation. Theword lignifies after phrafc of Scripture, a ferions and graue admonition joy ned with authority and commination.b Conteft the people, faith the Lord to 'Wafer, that is, charge them with cotn- mination. Compare Nehem. i 3.Gen.43;.3. Ault teflify ing then was, his graue and ferious admonition ioyned with threatning. Hownecefiary this courfe of proceeding in our Mini - flery is; fudge by that fecuririe =and remit% carelefnctle, where- zHtcl. a Alls 4;6. bLxod.r,.ax.