Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

ts eB. z. Epiftle to the Theffalotsianr. Vag. i F. is 9 wherwith euen gracious difpoficions are efcfoones ouer- taken;defiring to enlargeConfcience,and to flacke thofe ftrait bonds, wherein it hands bound by the Word of God, infomuch that they begin to bee ofthe Politikes opinion; there may be a nimium of lufiise; an ouer -plus of holinelfe and care to depart from cull!. Ml which con - fidered,fhew neceffaryvfe of all thefe is in our Minif}ery; and fhould Tway the people to admit them. As a Father doh his Children. The manner of Pauls performing thefe Offices we haue here exprelfed; i t was with fatherly anthoritie. Before, he puts on him the in- dulgence of a Mother; here,he affumes the affetlion of a Father : exprelfeth hee the fame or tome other thing ? There be that conceiue him to intimate fome difference of his cariage towards them, according as hee ob!erued their growth in Grace, and longer standing in Chrif }ìa- nitic. Whiles they were Nouiccs, and Babes in Chrif1, he v{ed them with all motherlike indulgence; when growne ro more ftrength, hee inrerpofeth f' @mething of fatherly authority , perhaps hee would fignifie, that in midi } of his mother likemecknelfe, he forgar not occa- Clonally to vfe the grauiry and authority or a father. The fu ftconieaurei}anding,oecafîons vs this note,ln our Miniftery one eourfe is to beholden ::pith f onices, and Babes in Chrifl : another, with men of naore;randia., and ftrength in Chrifliasity; towards Nouices,rnothcrl'ike in- dulg'ence: reiothers,fatherly granitic and feucrity. First, Itnpofitions on Nouiees may not be oiler Th is , or aut}ere; to much teacherh that Allegory of Wine and VIA, lls, vfed by our Sauiour, in way of Apologie for his moremildneffe in Iniun6tions,thenlobn vied to -his Difciples. Secondly, !nitrations, formatter and manner, tem- pered to capacitic : firoug meat is for flrong men : a Mi&e or Rabe,; fo our Sautourinftrué }eth his Difciples,e as they were able to beare. Thirdly,¡ Obfer. 1. c Mat. 9.t 7, 2. d Hcb.5. r z,rg. e Mar F¿e 4.53,