Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

`kr J"_: :; á,6o C aAP.z. 14Expofiti0nvpon the fidi V a tt. [ I. 3. 4 vf. f'zCor.r o. g Heb.s, t z. Obfer.. h Tit. a. ir. i i Titn.4. z s. k 7Kirtrb, 16.3: Thirdly, Admonitions and rep,00fes ouer.r:gorouc, daunt and dilìnayNouices ;no man with that fharpntlie corrals aninfanys a titan of more yeeres. Fourthly,Conuerfation in things indifferent, during weaknelre,mufl<be other;then is neceirzry, when once they vndelfland dot}rine of Chriflian libcrtie. So that they are ill prefcribers to vs Miniflers, that al- low vs no proceedings with any, but what tafle of aufle- ritie and rigor;though our Sauiour would riot quench the fnioking fax, and our power to vfe (ha rpncfr., is loi:ited f toedification. As ill they that in matter of Iniunt-ion and manner of Admonition,limit vs to mildnellc; and ren- derrefpeft to pretended weaknes: though in inflruelion nothing pleareth the palate but flrongeit meat ; why fo much flritlnelre required of them? their fins reproued with fuch Iharpnefre ? others with lö much tnildneq you fhould aske alfo,why you are inflru£ied otherwifc,then Infants and Babes in Ch rill? And the Apeflle will an- fwer you : It is your to fti, kcf ih'i71 g principles: and Mould be thought as Shameful!, not to ou:-flrip Nouices in meatare cfSanCti,y. Following the other fènfe, we haue this direElion; to temper our indulgence withgraaity and authorities that wee impaire not the Maiefly ofour Miniflery, rue; gird mss del* t+ s: h with allperemptorinejeofcomman. ding. ' Leine man defÇiifethyyouth; force thus interpret: Though yong,yet focary thy felfein thy Miniflery,that they may reuerence and feat thee, for thy Granitic and Mateflie therein- They arc idle prefcripts of the people to Minifters, prefcribing vs popularity, permitting no feuerity to- wards their mofl fcandalous courfes : as Corab to 'Wit, fo our people to vs in grauerproceedings: k Wee odes too ataah vjexvs,and forget our fèlues : It is our pride,with filch authority to Warne the unruly. VERS.