Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

1d0i<"+..'i. ? J*-ïdl:kw:ás,,'41dFew®ak% 't.-a`lk.*d7"n i._ ---- s. 8 Deut.i9. t9. d ler, 7'4+99 e verfe tz, ft Cer, io. ta. g irai. 04,5 h z Chron. 56. 153 96. i Amos 8.2l. k Heb. 3. rg. CH A P. t . 4n Expofition upon the firfl V e a. I vnto vs, that by no vnthankfulnetfe,or difobedience wee may make forfeiture of it. I could wi(h it lérioufly me- ditated in thefe fecuretimes,whercin how true is it that men a 61e(fe themfelues in their wickedne f fe , and adde drun- kenneffetothirfl; and as Ifiraelites, when they lined in Theft, Adulterie, all abominations, yet becaufe the d Temple of the Lord wasamong}tthem,fecured themfelues from Gods wrath; fo wee, for the Church and Gofpels fake yet continued. I fay as the Prophet, C Goeto Shiloh take view of Rome, ThefIalonica, Churches of Afìa, where once God fer his Name:fee what bee bath done to them; made them feates for 4ntichrift, and curlèd Ma- hornet. Thefe things hapned co them f ar enfamples, and are writtenfor our warning, to make vs cautionate,that we fall not by example of like vnfaithfulnelfe, and difo- bedience. Sinnes expofing to like wrath ofGod; Firfl, g bar- rennefe and rebellion. Secondly, h cruell vfage of Gods Meifengers. Thirdly, i light etleeme of the Word of God; this bringsthat famine tobe trembled at; that ei- ther the rarenefre may make it precious, or the vtter re- moouall lay vs open to the extreame wrath ofGod. In God the Father and in the Lord Iefut Chrift. A de. fcription of the Church of God, as lbme thinke, to put difference betwixt Chrillian Church es,and the atremblies of Pagans and !ewes, which are not in God, but in I- dols ; not in Chrift, but in an abfolure god, whom they conceiue, and worfhip out of the blelfed Trinity. In the Farber, and the Sonna, that is,fay fòme, in the faith and worlhip ofthe Trinity ; lay others, in blelfed and hea- uenly fellowfhip with the Father and Sonne, by bond of the Spirit : let vs adde, that the words import a kinde of k crs,and fublillence in the Dierie,by meanes of that vnion myllicall betwixt Chrift and his Church. Lo,here the highdignity and priailedge of 'the Church of Cod , brat after a fort to the Deitie in Chrift, and made one rritb it ; the U