Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

C H A P.2. Epijlle to the Theffälonians. V a R. I a. VER SE 12. 161 That yeewould walke worthy of God, who bath called yow to bi, Kingdome and glory. .c, ,a tolr't t Hematter thus prelTed by the Apoftle re- maims, that they would walke worthy of god:where we bane, &rtl, the Dutie : fe- condly, the Reafon, whereby it is infor- ccd. Thedutie, to walk; worthy of God. The fenfe thus conceiue, hat at no hand thou imagine it pof- f ble for vs to demeane our feiues, fo as to demerit God, and to be worthy, by way of defert, of thole endletfa fauours beftowed on vs in Chrifl : Jr (hall euer be true, that Jacob laid, t Wee are lc ff e then the leafs of gods mer- I Geu.32, ro: cies, and his goodne f fe bee bath fhewne vs. P A V t fpca- king of our lufferings for CHRIST, faith, They are not in worthy oftheglory that fballbe repealed: No, faith B E R- niRom.S.zS. rt A R D, Though all the pions of all Saints fJ ould fafl vpon ; Bernard. de One nw'. inn% +Nc3atiONe, But to walk! worthy ofgod, is to walke fittingly to -his ferm° r. nature, and lb as may befeeme a people whofe godthe Lord is. The ApotlleTeter,me thinks,well exprellerh it,when he exhorts, n to Phew forth the vertstes of hu,-nabat called vs n t Pet.zy. out ofdarkture. So that to walke worthy of God, is fo to demeane our lélues, that the Image of God may, as much as is pofiible,fhew forth it (cite in vs,and that wee may expreiTe the nature of God, w hofe people wee pro - felfe our fillies. Such Jhould bee the meafure of a Chrifian mans life, Win come as here, as may bee, to the nature of God fo runnel the exhortation; to beo holy,asheis boll :P mer- orPet.r.15.,s6 cifull, as our heapenl Father is mercifull : tor, Fir II, pLuk.e.36: weprofetTeour lélues his children. Secondly, he,k n 1ví Nods