Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

CH A P.2. Epifile to the The ffaiofians. V E R. I 2. films, the company of innumerable Angels, and to the Congregation of the fill-borne, and to god the Ledge of all, and to the fpirits ofi. fl men. Not that wee haue now full fruition of the glorious Dcitie: but, Ñ irft,the vfe of Scrip- ture is, filth Aniline. to enunciate things that (hall bee, in the prefent or preter time, tolignife cert;aintie ofac- compli`hment in time prefixed. Secondly, withal' wee haue prelent title thereto: X As the Heire in his nonage is Lord ?fall in title, though '[e is net permitted till time ap- pointed by his Fauber. Thirdly, And we are now vnired with God in Chrift, and made one body with the whole Church Triumphant and Militant. Firff, This glorious adtaancement of the Children of God, thould, mee thinkes, folace all outward a.bafures, they Puffer froin the malignant World.W hat though we be counted the skumme and off scouring of the World amongfl: men,-hat know not the worth of our high Cal - ling in Chrifi lefus? Could wee, as Paul, turne our eyes from things Temporali, to things Erernall, wee thould fee glory, fuch as no Kingdome cf the Earth isable to af- ford vs; and fay, Salomon inall his Royaltie, was not dig- nified as the meaneft amongfl: Saints. Secondly, Our wiledome it (hall be ro examine our ti- tle to this glorious Kingdome. Gods Kingdome is vfinl- ly diftinguilhed into the Kingdome of Grace, and the Kingdome of glory: they differ not fu much in realties, as in the manner of admuutlrarion. The Kingdome of Glory is fwayed immediately by God hianfcife; that of Grace, by meanes, the Scepter of his Word: y _r fo, as that whoa) is here admitted into the Kingdome of Grace, bath title to the Kingdome of Glory. Our being in the kingdome of Grace,webell difcerne: Fire, by the Guide that rules vs. Secondly, 'The Law or Rule we walke by; The Guide,is rods Spirit. The Rule, theWordofGod. Theft two are fo infeparably linked to gcchcr, that neither without other, comforts any thing. M 2 As, 163 z Gal.q.r,z. vf:.