Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

;,'i6>>Ar ,.° . lMgrr1M:41Wr?!6^d.'ti 164 , CH A r. 3, Expofition vpots the firfg V E R. I 3, y Rotx.B. t g. Heba1sf. sY many atare Godrformes,are led by his Spirit; and as many as are guided by Gods Spirit, are ruled by his Word. Whereto addc, Thirdly, The contempt of earth- ly things, in compariíón of the gracious spate of Gods people, howfoeucr ail iced : as thou fee$ iníbetcein z oies. VERB. 13. For this caufe alto thanks tree God, without cesftng, becsufc when ye receivedthe WordofGod, which yet heard of vs, yes received it not at the Word ofmate, bat as it is to truth, the Word of God, which et fettetal y worleeth alto inyou that l eíerne. Obier. a Ter.zo.8. b &ieclr.2.3. It haw of the helpi,ug caufes in the A- pof}les felfe, to the preuailing of his Mi- nifteric; follows another in the people; their rewerent and refpeElfull behauiour in. r._i f hearing; explained in this Vale; where- in are conf derable, Firt1, Their demeanour towards the Word. Secondly,.I " aslr manner of mentioning it, with thankrniseing. Thin ly,T he fruit of th eir ío holy'receiuing the Word; it wrought rife wally, Vie. For this cattle n'e thanks God. /l ,great bit fling of God it is to a U1,<inifi'er, when befall) on a people re.nerewy of felled to the Word in his Minifierie. A comfort worth-all other comforts that can betyde a Minifterfrotn hispeopk., and therefore mentioned by the Apoftle, not without thankefgiuing : a fauour,chat the Lord bath denycd to many his choice feruants. Iere- mie heauily complaines him of this, that when : heefpake to the people in the Name ofthe Lord,GodsWord was turned to him to matter ofreproch. And how vnwelcome, thinks Yee, was that tydings to E z E C a TEL, that b bee Amid : toe y1r4 '..'.Y..A.a