Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

s+6i5:=°s 1b6 C H AP.y. An Expefition won the frrfl VFa.13. meanethemfcluesin alreHerenceandfeare; and reape the fruit of fuch reueren t attention. while P ET ER yet fpake, f s'Ptt,i. zo,+.t the Holy Ghat! fell on ad thole that heard him. This f know frr, laid Peter,and hold for a ground, in your attention to the Writings of Prophets; whether privately me- ditated, or pub; tkely interpreted: rhat no Prophecie came ofany private motion,but holy men of god fpake ae they were infpircdby theHoly Ghoff .TÜis,to fay truth, is the key to all pro ;table bearing.Firil,binding the care to attention. Secondly, the minde to faith,Thirdly,theheart to reue- rence.Fourthly, the will and confcience to obedience. When the Lyon roares, all the Beafls of the Forre(} tremble; when G o D is knowne to fpeake,what Arheifl dares but yeeld attention? Who flops not curious ha- res of his increduloustninde, that knowes, It is the God of Truth, whole Word hee heares ? what heart fo obiîi- nate, that trembled] not in fuck perfwa ion ? Euan dif- g.neut ;, 3,7, fembling l ii aelites on that ground refolue; g Alithat the 11,xod.t5.8. Lord commands vs, we witl doe. vfe, In this ptrlwallon let vs build our felues, as many 'as; defire to profit by hearing: and to feele the fauing effica- cíe of the Word in our Soules. To this end confider we, Firfl,The maieflie of the Scripture; that having fo little helpe from humane elo- quence; can yed, for themoil parr,in plainefl and lowcll its c0,10.5, fl,le: yet preuayles to draw the mind e, I, to fubie5t the ve- ry thoughts and Confcience to obedience and reuerence, Secondly,The f earthing power of this W or d of God; i ileb.4,1 s. dividing 'into the bowels of the Soule and Confcience. Thirdly, T'le great malice of Saran againfl it: (hewed in all times, by flirting vp Heretikes to adulterate; Ty rants (had it beone poffible) to deflroy it. Fourthly, The wonderfull effrcacy,fhewed in altering tic difpouition of mans heart : fo farte, that howfoeuer, it is as contrary to the corrupt nature of man, as light is to darknefTe; yet,where it preuailes,things dearefl to na turc, 1