Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

C H A p.s. Epifile to the7héffalatriass. V a ß.13 . 167 tore, are not e?ceerned "'aloft fo precious, as theWord of God. To this perfwalìon of the diuine Author is their be- ; hauiour in receiuing fitted, fet out in Antithefts they re- ' Cciued it,not as the word of marc, but at the Word of God. A precedent worthie our imitation, infirtelling vs to a naeete manner of receiwing tbe Wordof god. As Peter prefcribes to Miniftcrs, k to fpeak.e at the words of Ged; f ó fuppofe the Prefcript for hearing, from this patterne,to Beare it a the Word of God ought to be heard; euer putting difference twixt it, and theword of man; the fÌecialties thus con - ceiuer Firft, with the belt and chief of our reverence and attention. The Prophet Ifay prescribing it, exprefleth Inch a degree of reuerence, as can lcarcely without Ido latrie be allowed to the word of a man;he would haue vs euen! tremble at the words of God; the very found of it fhould be as the noyfe of Thunder, at which we natural- ly tremble and quake. Reafons we haue many, preffing fuch a mcafure of re- uerent attention. Fil ft, the Wif ed ®me, Power, and Ma- ieftie ofthe Author, fliewing it felfc fo wonderful) in e- uery line almoft ofthe Scripture, that it breeds admira- tion in the attendue and confidence Reader;fo hath eue - ry word his weight, euery lenience replenifhed with di- nine Wif'cdome, that iris all m profitable to inflrtntl, com- fort,exhort,correU. Secondly, to which adde, meditati- on of the Maictlie and Power of the Author, how able he is to axenge himfe f e on the leaf) vnreuerence. Thirdly, of the high myfteries it containcs , fo plainely deliuered, with fuch varietie, as may fway the care of the mat cu- rious Sciolus, to reuerent attention. Fourthly, weigh al- fo, how neerely the knowledge and obedience ofir, and parcell in it concernes vs, infomuch that thereon depends the faluation of our foules; fo many caufes, commanding the belt of our attention,and reucrence,wc mutt acknowledge. M 4 Three I tfai.66.a. m z Tim,3.16,