Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

e CH A P.3. 4n Expolition vpon the ftrf! V a R. t 3. Three dangerous difeafes of the care are heredifcoue- red. Firft, Deafnefrc complayned of by the Prophetan- ciently, n ae the deafe Adder, fo flop they their cares, refu- ingto heart the voyceof the Charmer, charme hee neuer J® wifely â noted alto by ,Salemos, in his time,and threatned with a judgement to be trembled at; which isgrowneto fuch height, that it becomes matter ofreproch, to bee a common frequenter ofSermons. To open this deafe care: Firí}, let that ofSalomen bee retnembred: Whole turneth his care from bearing the Law, teen has prayerJima be abominable: that whereas in their prayers, they feemcto place their foie contentment, and confidence; in cafe ofcontempt towards hearing, their other deuotions become abominable. Secondly,,if this moue nor,let that terrourofche Lord preuaile, a day will come, when anguifh of foule (hall force th efe mifcreants to importune the Lord with their importunate outcryes, for audience and mercie; Lord heart, Lord, Lord, open unto vs.Buc h care what Gods wifedorne protefleth,When they crier he will not heare, but will laugh at their def r4 i. on, and moele when their fear, commeth. .Secondly, drowzine(Te and dulnelTe of hearing, cor playned of by the Apoftle; when they heare, and heare not;hearing without attention & regard, rendring their pretence in the Congregation to fill vp the number, but with filch Ofcitaurie, and gaping drowainerre, that they regard not what is fpoken vnto them. That if a man Ihould aske them account of their hearing, as Daxid did Ahimaaz of his áneirage; no better arsfwer fhould hee receiue: y/Taw a tumult, Paid Ax>'toAAz, but Iknow not what. Thefe heard a noyfe;good words they fay, Alt ofGod; but what ofGod, or his Will,they know not. Forremedie,con(der, firth:, this Word ofG od, that you fo Qeightly regard, is that that one day r Jhalliudgeyox. Secondly, and it is not amongft the ¡call of Gods fplrt- tuall plagues, to be gluonvp Ito drewzie and daU caret. Thirdlyt