Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

C x A P.2. Epifizle to the Theffaloniant. V s R.1 3. I69 Thirdly, the Jail is the t itch of the hearer, lifining rather to fabler then to the whelefome words; whichare according to gcdlinetfe, infotnuch that whofo will be fo fiiuolous, as to prier his Sermons with idle and impertinent glories, neuer fo fabulous, finds attention in our people, much mere tenons, then het that with greater} euidenceof the Spirit and power deliuers the decpe myfteries of ffluarion. Secondly, as with our belt reuerence, the Word of God muf} be receiued; fo with abfolute faith and credence, that herein wee may put differencetwixt the Word of God,and the word of man : firppofe thus; whereas the words of the witèft, and moll iudiciotu amongft the fbns ofmen, iuftly admit not only difquifition, but contradi- ¿lion,becaufe"all men are yers; this honour wee owe to theWord of God, with abfolute credence, without any fulpence of iudgemenr, or contradiftion to entertaine it; very x thoughts mull be fubieíled to Faith, when once wee know the mouth of the Lord hash fpoken it; for the mr- neffe of God is greater then mans. ],what the Lord auouch- eth, who dare denie him credit? And howtòeuerfome- thing brought to vs for the Word of God, may Maly be examined, becauf a there be that fay, Thud faith the Lord, shenthe Lordhath notfpoken by them; yet when once it (hall áppeareto bee the Word of the Lord, to queflion the Truth thereof, beteenes rather Atheif}s,then pre Uri- fed Chriflians. Where comes to be reproued, net snely that generall infidelitie of profetíícd A theifls,quc(tioning theTruth of Scripture; but all the particular vnbe ?iefe of our people, . that - rearing any rhing,euen with playnefl denionfrace, taught, aboue power ofnature, or their (hallow conceit; not onelyinquire, as N I e tt o D a m v s, How can theft things be ?but refolue ache negatiue,Thcfe things cannot be; Y why Amid it feenee a thing incredible, that the Lord Amid rayfe thedead ? reedifie the body out of theruines made by death,that could at flrfk build it out of nothing? To t s Tiar4,3. 4. 2 a Res. ;. 4.,f. .a y Rúa.6. B.