Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

C it A P. I. Epiftle to the Thef alotriares. V ER. I. 1 the Father in vs,wa in him;the fruit fhewes it, mentio- ned by meter, that wee are made partakers ofthe diuine Nature : after a fort Deifïed,fay fame Ancients, harfhly; their hyperbole thus mollifie; Gads nature wee partake analogically, not vnivocè. Ir teacheth vs, Grft,in to purge our felues, from allfilthi, nefeof flelh and tpirir, that we may prefcrue our fubfì- ftence in God. Secondly, Ton feparate from all focietie with Idola- ters, and other profane perlons, of the World, that jeth in that wicked one. The fv;dt or greeting followes; wherein are,firft, the bleffings wifhed, Grace and peace. Secondly,the Authour orFounraine, God the Father. Thirdly, the Mediatour, the Lord Iefiss Chrifl, The explication and vfe of this claufe, fee in the Annotations adR nean.eap.z. Grace,in Scripture liignifïes either the fauour of God, or the free gifts itluing therefrom : Peace, O fometirnes reconciliati- on with God : vfually, after the phrafe ofthe old Tefta- ment, profperitie. Grace,here vnderftand Gods fauour; peace, happinetie, and profperity; diftinguithed by S. John into profperity of the outward eftate, and profpe- rity of the foule, as thy foule proffiereth. The Apoftic prayes nor the Gift donation,but rhe,Erft, continuance. Secondly, q multiplication. Thirdly,fitller manifeftation of Gods fauour to this people. By degrees god manifefis hts fauour to his children, and by drops, as it were, inffills the feeling of his loue. Lc t not Chrittianswonder at ir, when as of Chrift it is laid, hee grew, asin ftature,and wiredome,fò in fauourwith God. Shall we fay dfusnci c onely? and oft enjiuè? in Mature we arefure real ly,why not alto in wifedome and fauor with God ?as S. flmbrofe, F'ulgentitas, and other Ancients, long agoe interpreted, limiting themléluesto his huma- nity, and that flare of humiliation and penalty, which for our fakes he underwent. Neither fec I how it thould feet= 9 I : 1017. .II43 z Peter i+ arzCor.:. n s Cor.16.14. 1i lobn f. 19, oRrm.s,t. P 3 lobn 2. qtPet.t.s. Obfer: r Like z. fa. * Ambrof de inyarnat,Aom. Sacrament. c. . Fulger.t- ad Tbref. lib.:. 1)