Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

C H A P.2. Ffiflle to the 7hefjálonìans. VPA. 14. of likes; they fuffered as others, the points who ein they refembledare ,Fnfl,thepal'sion,farnethings. Secondly, (valid e of perfecut ors, f cm Ns men; their exilic Countri- men. This latter brought to arnplific their patience, there being no vnkindnetl.c that goeth fo neere, as what proceeds from men linked to vs in bonds of Nature, A- mitie,or orherwilè. Confic'eriog the perrons, Authors of their vexation, me thinks I f ce,the vntimited violence ofa `Perfecutors ma lice againfl Gods Children for truths fake : It k owes no bonds of Nature, orAmitie; breakesfurrioufl7y thorow all to wreakeitfeife vpon the Truth. Neither Countrey, nor Friendfi-tip,nor Kindred,nor any thing that a Perlècutor refpeets in his tralice.Here a mans cheife enemies are dui of bisowne b oule, h Father againfl Sonne, Son a -ainfi Father, Parents and Brethren betray ,and pert cute to death. . How neerc was the Tyc betwixt Saul and Daniel, by Kindnefle,and Affinity? that is no reftraint to Saals malice; fleeter that betwixt Cain and Abel, yet inhibits not from cruell Murrher.ln all experience,no Hatred fo deadly, as what arifeth for caufe of Religion : whether the caule be this, that the Lord thus punifhcth the con- tempt of Religion in Perfecarors, giuing them vp to bee voyd of natural( of 6tions; or what ehe I know not; once this I know, the grearell amongfl fpiriruall Plagues are reférued for Perfecurors; and it is Í no fmall wrath to hale Nature fo parredepraued. Firth Let it ferne for caution to all guiltieof Perfe- cution; to all to take heed how they harbour malicious minds againfl the Golpell; left they prooue Monflers in Nature. Were it nor a wonder and aflonilhmenr, to fee a Mother become the Murtherer of her own ion ? &c. Cer- tainly,that malice, that growes vpon point of' Religion, is vnlimired; and knower no flay, till it make men Mon - flers in Nature. Secondly, Let no man thinke orange concerning this try. O6fer. h Luke st,i6. i Rota. t. 31. fe. r. 2.