Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

k Pjal.27. ro: try a11, as if Tome new thing were come upon him. It is bitter, I confe!Te, to fee natural! Loue turned into vnna turai!Enmitie. But remember who laid: Whenk Father and cAtotherforfake me,the Lord takes me vp.And be that in filch ea (e'bows not Father for Chrifis/ak., is not worthy of him, VERS.75.I6. Who both billed the Lord Iefau, and their owne Prophets, and haste perfecuted vs : and they pleafe not God, and are con- trarie to all men. Forbidding vs t ofeake to the Gentiles that they might he fa- rted: to fill vp theirfinnes alwayes ; for the wrath is come vpon them to the vtmsJi. He Apof}le occafionally mentioning the Perlecutions railed by [ewes, againfl the Church, digreflèth a little to a defèripti- on of their manners ; yet lo, as flee hath Rill ref pea to his principàll purpofe. His ayme limes this : to preuent the fcandall might arife to Gods people, in rcfpe&t of Perfecutions ray felby Iewes. It might feernef4range,rhe Lords only people in time paf},hauing fuch knowledge in the Law, and Prophers,flaouldpericcute the Golpell; tome weak- ling might perhaps thinke, there was fomcthing amifre in the Doftrine; when Lewes did lo eagerly oppofe it. That fcandall the Apof}le would here preuent: (hewing it to be no new thing in that Nation; Such crucitie was become hereditarieto them; and perfecution, after a fort their National! finite. To this end, hee remembers them how they dealt with our Sauiour, and their owne Prophets. That the Conclufion in this digrefon, may bee this; Cruelty