Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

C H AP.2 Epiftle to the Tbeffalonians. V E R. /5 ./ 6. Cruehie in Iewes may to ro man feeme (range. Firíi, from their former fans. Secondly, their malig- nant nature.Thirdly,Gods wrath vpon them. Who killed the Lord le fes and their owne Prophets. Meancs he the fame perfóns ? Nor the lane particulars, but men of the fame Nation. How are they faid to haue killed theLord Iefuq when it is certaine by the Story,he was put to death by Aucho- rirü ache Roman Empire: and the Executioners feeme to baue beene Roman Souldiers ? Though their hands flew him nor;yertheir malicious accularion, and Flanders procured his death ; wherefore they are faid to haue klled him.The note thence is: Sinnes committed by others through our infligation, become ours by iufiimputation. What finne thon excirefl another to commit,thar thou commitrefl;rhe guilt of it redounds to thee,in as high anature,as to him that is the immediate Executioner. In Nabothsdeath the Lodges acid falfe wir_ neires were the next Ag <nts.t I a z,nE Ltheplotteronl, and infligator ; flic is punifhed for (heading Naboths blood, though her hand was not vpon him. Euen in e mens courfesit teems infi ;that not only the Executioner; but the Plotter, Abater, Infl.igator, Concealer of Trea- fon.bepuniAud with death. Yea fee, how a faire leffe degree of participation, brings guilt vpon our (miles. The Rulers among the !ewes, that but tolerated the breach of Sabbath, are charged to In haue broken the Sabbath. Yea, leaficounte- nancegiuingtoIdolatry, ° makes of Idolatry. I fay then, as P A v L,Communicate not with other mens finnes ;beware how thou prouoke another to euill;lefl the guilt of this finne, yea, of his foute redound to thy Cott- fcience. There is a rule that moil men walke by ° Emery man /hall bears his owns burthen ; fmart for his owne Clime. A truerule,but mifinterpreted,Thineowne finnesarc they, N not 177 Araf ns. t'eff. .dn/tr. b?teef Anfiv. Oójer. t i.[(,ingsr.y. 13.23. in Neh.1;, 17. n 18.21. pp. o Gal.f.q.