Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

171 . o r(ä,.f R Evcb.t8.3z g Leu.19.t7, O6fer. C Pt A P.2 . dn Expels' o fition vp®n the frff V 8 A. 15 r 6. not only which thy fcl'fe acteft ; but what thou proud. keft others ro commit. A H As mrotighteuit!.is the fight of the Lord, &c. °' Whom I E Z A B E L his Wje prouoked.A.. HAS s fumes arelezebelr finnes ; becaufe flee provo- ked to commit them. Thy childes inipietieand vs: eanne&Te are thy finnes, if thou giue him countenance to commit them, Thy Neighbours Perfecution, is thy Perfecution, if thou en courage him to perfecution. To which end conGder,Gods CominandemeMts bind, not only to our own perfonall performance of duties:but to further their performance in others. Tonle, and Pcaufe. others to turn, They enioyne nor to flye (inne in our owne perfons,but ro hinder tic in others within our corn- lie : Thou /halt q notfte f er thy Brother Winne. Againe, fee here; boil' finnes owe fit onfootbyParents, prattsce, are oft times continued in the Pofteritie to many ge- nerations, Crueltie beganne amongfllewes, in the dales of Pro- phets : continues in that Nation, till dettruftion of their r. Citie;:Ifay cals them, r feed of the wicked; as if their Fathers had propagated their Cruelty with their Nature,:. f Mat. 3.7. I o 11 N B A t r t ST, i s generateon of Pipers; as if it had beetle as naturallco leis estoreceiue cruckie From their Parents as for Vipers to"receiuePoyfon from !heir Dam, So s.4habs Pofteritie referable his manners ; and all that, come neere him, or his Race, tafle of ht's malice; Hence fee we, in all Ages, finnes fpreadingoucr N.:trons ; there- fore called of forne, Nationall (innes ; fo palle they along. t 2440 .27! fi euery Generation, as r G.E H E z r;9 Leprof:e, to his Pofferity. The queflion is ofr mooued; whether, as~ AdamtfiriV Gnne palhcth ro his Pofterity; fo other adtilallflnnesof 'immediate Parents : The refolution is general', they doe `not; .becaufea fay fome,-their attuali finnes are perfenall' and ungular;.whereas Adam floesiasapublikeperlion