Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

'CH AP. a. Epiflleto the Tbep lonians. Vit :R.lf.t6 179 rtt whom the whole Troller; iy was toflandcrfall; As o- 1. conceiue'in other termes ; In the precept giucn fl- darim,was the whole poll :rity'bound ; mans whole nature was in ifdam-oblíged,ro prelèruc that rcetitudewherein t were created : whereas in immediate Parents chil- 1 . dren,are n ot bead. Though this be truth, yet may wee not deny, but the fumes of other Parents, though not ! the indiuiduall alts, yet the fame in kind, paire after a fort, from the Parent to the Po(Ieriry. Thus conceiue. There are fomaethly, and, as they are termed, renfrarti fitsrrer;a's drunkenu-ile,adukery,&c.there are other more Igririttrall. Thole fe! ii1alhhauc a kind of propagation from Parents to Children ; a ftronger inclination and ,prone - netTe to rhem,they dè& iue from parents through temper, and confturionof the body, by cuftotnary praCtice of filch fumes, wrought in the Progenitors. For others Morefpiriruall, as Pride, Idolatry, Swearing, &c. wee fee them oft continuing in the Poft'erity, but by other meaner ; as, Firft,curfed example of Parents, which it is natural! for Children to imitate. Secondly, Education, when they are nuzEeled and trained vp therein - Thirdly, Çhiefly,by, Gods mutt iudgementvpon the Parents, thus vitring their fnne; by gluing oucr the Pofteriry to walkeinrheftepsof their curled conuerfátion. How it . paffe we cannot fo explaine, but find in experience, finch á linealldefceit of ("milts, from Pre- deceffors to Poileriry. lrfernes to adrnonifh vs all,whom God hath made pa- rents of Children, ór but Preceflours ro the Generation that fhall come after vs, ro beware how wee become .Ring - leaders, or On-fetters to any prophanene(T ; that we draw not on our felues, the blood of their f oules that (hall cotüe after vs. It is eafe ro ter a hoú!'e on fire ; nor lb eafe'ro quench the flame.T he beginnings of t' c if!ani- niatiois we fee; the tiopwhoknowes ?fo are the i(Thes of vngracious examples dangerous, and to' vs vncerraine.' . N 2 . à.Jr.