Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

p 18o et 4**I5.28.6'c. C H A P.2. .2n ,Expofition von the ftrft V EL 1 5 .16 I a tt o B o A M made I frael to /lime. A long manyGenerati- ons, his Succetrourscontinue his fume- it is Hill the doze oftheir f}ory, d The] departed not from the 'ions of lerobo- am that made lfrael to frnne. It is fore -told of there Tall: times,iniquity/bid abound. How lhould they choofe ? when they receiue, as a finke all the infeè} ions of foregoing Generations : yet woe to vs, if we helpe forward the infeî} ion. Confider, Firt 'c, All fins of all men oecafioned by our example, we (hall fmart for as well as for thofe, in our owne peribus committed, Our pertònall times are hr. then enough to preliè vs to He!l:how much heauier load carry they with them to iudgement,vnto whom the fins ofChildren, euen to a thoufand Generations, are impu- ted? if they continue iò long in the Pof}erity. Secondly, Me thinkes, wee (hould thinke it enough, that we haue beene meares to conuay to our Children ("awns finne, and his curie. Let vs beware, how we flrengthen their vicious inclinations, by our owne lewd example ; to make them two -fold more the children of the Detaill. Thirdly,Thinke in your (clues how bitterly in the an- guifh of' their foules, ar the laf'c Day, Children of your ownebowels,baned by your example, (hall curie you and fay, Cur /d be thewombeehat bare me, and the vnera- cioue father that begat rat, of pecially,for baning my youth with his prophanc example :teaching me,by his practice, ro blafpheme Gods Name, to hate his Children, &c. I befeech you,letvs lay thetè things to heart ; and be ware how we become On- fetters to prophaneneffe. In good courfes the happiefi man is the beginner. A1Lrhe good,that is by his occafion done, (hall be ro him rewar- ded. In euill, the heauieft woe is to the Ring - leader: All the linnes that by his on- fetring and occation haue. beene committed,(hall be to him imputed to his heauier condemnation. Cod