Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

+B! '9etqáz' ; .er:: ... _.. _ .. 1 I O C H A!. I . ñ1f ExpofstiOfJ vpol? tbt,firfä f ,41at.11.46, tExe1<.44.3,4; YéL u Gen.17. I®, x Ram. s. s. s. yryy a . . .+. feeme f}range,being vnderftood of.the manifcf}ation of Gods fauour, Peeing we read him cornplayning,that hee was f forhkén of God, (peaking ad fenfuno, according to that no feeling ofGods fauour, in the agonie of his Par. (ion: in the Saints of God, it can by no meanes ( cerne a Paradoxe,if that be rrue,that our atrurance of Gods loue isexperimentallonely ; and their euidence none other, . then what arifeth from fanßification:fo much as thou art fanflified,fo much experience & fenfe hail thou of Gods fauour; and if that bee not perfired but by degrees, as EzelieI A11egoriefeemes to import; by degrees is the fauor of God made manifefl vnto vs. The more 1 wonder at their arrogancy, that being Nouices only in Chrifliataity, dare prattle ofa ñe9poetz, fulnetfe of afTurance of Gods fauour to them in Chrif}; that which others of longer 'landing, and farre greater progreire in (anflirie, dare not atfume; thefé yeflerdays men proclaimeto haue obtained. To whom may I nor fay as Is AA c, ,t How haueyee foundfo foone my Tonnes Gods loue is nor prefently X powredinto the heart, but af- ter many confiif}s with doubtings,combars with corrup- tion, experiences of Gods mercy, gather we 'firmnetfe, rather then fulneffe of afitrance. No leiTe maruell I at their peremptorineiTe,titat allow tono man fharein Gods fauour,in whom are,at any time: doubtings, oftheir adoption and truth of fanfiification. They erre,not knowing the Scriptures,nor flare of their owne hearts. Was euer any mans faith fo firme,but was fometirnes encountred, and after a fort, mattered with ditlrufl ? The Saints, wj;tide faith is moll renowned in Scripture,are found at times bewraying vnbeliefe. That famous Mofes, of whom ir is Paid, Y He indored aeeifhee hadfeene hint that isinuifi6le, is found at length queflio- ning the 1 power ofGod, which hee had feene in all their patiage, by fo many experiments proued. Refolutely, iáid 1 o u, a ?hough he kill me, yet will ltruf/iin him ; yet reade