Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

C HA p.z Epiftle to the 7heffalontans, V H R. I S'.16. 181 God theypleafe not, and are contrary to all men. How is itvnderflood ?de menus, or de conatu ? of the ittue or of the indeuour ? lóme thinke of the ilfue ; fup- poling it fubioyned by way of preuention, to lignifie; that howfòeuer they thought themfelues the onely Church and people ofGod ; yet they, of all others,were leaíl in his fauour. If of the indeuour, thus cor.ceiue, q. d. they care not to pleafe God, and are men of moil barbarous and hate- ful! ditpolîtion;righr u?d epami: oppofing themfelues to all ; not I!raelitcs, b: t Ilhmalires , men of fauage and wilde nature ; their x hands againf eatery man ; eatery mans x Gen.I6. t z. _. band agarnftt hem. As if the ApolUe wuu?d exprefle a moft Inhumane, Batbarouyand Gyant -like behauiour in this people; luck as our Sauiour exprelfeth of the vnrighte- ous I udge, Y that neitherfeared God,nor reverenced man. y zuke., 8;z, Such Monfiers men grow that are tainted with Terfecu- Obfer. ' tion ; infènfible,lo f ng a!l fenfe ofDeitie, and common human- tie. Thole Gyants,not onely in flature, but in manncrs, were the feed of Cain, in whole tray they walkked: lee to what height of Barbarifine they grow. L N I M R o.n a z Ge1&1o.9.& mighty Hunter before ths Lord, and (bereft of his fall build a Tower to heauen, if not ro pull God out of his Throne, a yet to fence themfelues aggainfl his c..14aiefly. a 11.4. PH AR A o, becomming an Opprear of Gods people, falls to like impiety and inhumanity.bWhe is the Lord that b Exod,s.z. he fhould obey him ? and I frael mull be beaten, for not doing ' 418 impoJbilies. And what a Monfler grew lidian after his rcuolt ? in Death blafpheming Chrifl,vnder the name of Galikean. Fly Cruelty and Perfecution of Gods Saints : it draws with it, in Gods heauy wrath, a tayle of foulefl 13aí ba- ri(ine, and Immaniry. Forbidding vs to fpeakc, that is, to preach to the Gen- tiles : to prouing themfelues Hoffes human generic : contrariant, Enemies to all amen. So are they all to bee N 3 re-