Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

r7fikr:1_ 1.11"_.,.. ar, 1K-'.+ 182 C H A P.2, 43 Ex1Ubofitlor,"upon fhtrfirft VaR.15.16 repseted,that hinder ?retching of the Gofp¿l,as capitafl enemies of mankind. Needs any proofe ? They depriue vs of the greateft good : are enemies in the things that neerlief c Roo/,r.16 6'c concerne vs. The C Gofçeliis Gods power to Saleeation. And d 1"4)i 7* fides exauditu: dhow/l,oBthey beleeue without preaching ? and how befàued,withour beleeuing? Luke tn,4. Of other Perfecutors laid our Sauiour, they can ehut killtbe body : thefe are meanes to cart body and foule into hell,by keeping from them the means of faluation. I en. ter not the queflion, whether Preaching be the meane, . fine quo non,we come to faluation; I take it for granted by the Apoftles fentence ; they forbid to preach that they may befaued 3 what faith he elfc ? but that by forbidding to- preach they hinder their Saluarion. Let no man fay,they are willing they fbould haue the Word read to the peo- ple, and that is meane fuffiicient to Saluarion. I am per. fwaded, whoib is enemy-to preaching unto the people, would as willingly with -hold the reading alto. rife. If our Age and Nation have and fufl"er any of this kind of enemies and oppofires to the eternal! good of men, of f Lake tt.p. whom we may fay, as Chrifl of Pharifes, They f haue ta- ken away the key of Knowledge ; neither entring them/flues,. nor fofering thof that would : let them fee here with whom Saint 'Pa %dorh yoke them: Euen with the ob- ftinate fhedders of our Saviours blood, who neither pleafe God, nor loue any man. What vengeance God . bath inflorefor fuch,.I would rather themfelues fhould . ferioully confider, then giue vs occaflon to mention. But i the Lord would-admit no recompence for the blood of g Num.35.3 the body, but g the blood ofthe flayer5 how much fbrer vengeance hath bee in !lore for thole, that taint them- fillies with the blood of foules i' That eryethlowderthen- the blood of Abel. To fill rip their fannes almayes. Declares he their iffue, or their intention? The intention, fume fay, in refpeft of Gods counfell ; the iffue onelyin regard of their:íélítes. T!a. ... -_..,,al .« xT-".-.?.s+6s---.e:cc+,a;s.-,*.