Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

.... C H A P.2. Epifile to the Theffalonians. VER. I S. í 6 This was not that they aymed at, but that followed as the iliue, and confequent of their courfes, they filled vp theirfinnes. So true it is, that when a man once wilfully runnes into a cowrie of inning, he l¿nowes no ftoy, till he come to extremity of prophanenefe. There is in Inch courtes a pnecipitinm. When a man is on the top of a hill, it is at his choice, whether he wil thence throw himfelfe down,or not,but once let him head -long himièlfe, there is no flay, till he come to the bottome: fo in cafe of tranfgrellion, it is ea- ' er to keepe our felues from entring delperare courtes, then once giuing our felues the reines, to make flop b fore we come to extremities. Gentiles fell frf} to Add tey; h from Adultery to Sodomy ; from Sodomy, to a Re- probate mind, drawing with it a Legion of other enormi- ties. He that is filthy, f h a l 1 i be filthy f i e ll ; I t is fpok e. n, 'Pro - phetando, non optando, Cxlius. Reafons are thus giuen :there is,they fay,a linking to- gether of finnes, as it were in a claim : one drawes in a- nother. One degree of Gnne, another in the fame kind ; one finne, another of another kind : Anger cherifhed, growes to malice inueterate : Hatred,to Murther ; Mur- ther,to Parricide : fó Drunkennet fe, Adultery;they both bring beggery : occahoning Theft, Rapine, Murther; What not There are,rhey lay, certaine capitali finnes, that haue others attending, as Tributaries to nourifh them.Whorcdome,Glurtony,Ambitiora,& other Pride, are perhaps the trailer-finnes; Couetoufneffe their at- tendant to nourifh them. Secondly,wilfulnetfe in finning filenceth Confcience, and by degrees exringuifheth it. Thirdly,Gods iudgement on moti mens foul es,giuing a pp to thefreindge of their of tlions. So that they vtterly delude their foules, that running head-long to a courre of finning, conceiue opinion to kaue finnes at pleafure. What need to Saint Irin youth? N 4 time