Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

i 184 k ler.13 z3. 1 Rom.7.i3, m Pfal.t9t;. C. a H P. Z. AnExpofítion vpon thefirf# V fi $.15 . Ib time enough to repent in age. In the meane time, like men pall feeling, they glue thenafelues to workewickedneffe wirhgreedineffe. Oh Looks and band I that thinke it fo eatie for a man accuflcmed to euill, to learneto doe weft. k Can a blacke -Moore change his skinne, or a Leopard his (pots ? then it is poffible to alter cuflome of doing euill. How much adoe haue Gods children to mortifie corrup- tion , ro flay that naturali fountaine of euill , that it f}reame not out continuall enormities into their' hues ? and after vtmoft ftriuing againft finne, by Prayer, Fa- fting, Medication, &c. yet ftilli feele the Law in their member+s,rebellina againft the Law of their mind? If fo much . ado be to repretT'e corruption meerly naturall,how much more difficulty, to alter nature flrengthned by long cuftome ? Be admonifhed to flay from entring vngracious cour- fes; or rather pray God, as Dauid, mtoIZeepefrom pre- fnmptuouslanes: wickednelTe is much eafìer to keep,then to call out : God in his wrath giues vp forlorne men to reprobate minds. Wouldeft thou keepe thy felfefrom murther ? repreffe rag] anger: from Sodomy? Bye Adu- 1 ter), : once glue thy felfe ro-a cow fe of finning, there is no retyring without a 1pirituall miracle. ro fllvpinnrs:The A pale conceinies there isaccrtaire full mea fiare o f fsrning, whereto impenitents come, before the /aft wrath cut them of: that meafure, meaf ire not by na- tural! inclinat on,or that fulneffe whereto vicious nature would carry them : that mediae is without mealu, e: the Horfleach and the graue are not more vnfatiable, then an impenitents delire to finne, They would hue euer,Íaid Gre- gory,that they might finne ewer. And this is one realon,why their torrnentsin hell are endtefre, becaufe their defies to finne were endleffe. 1. But this full meafure vnderftand, that whereto God in his fecret, though- iuftiudgement, determines to per- mit them,before'in his laft wrath he take them away. There