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C; H AP:2,Epifile to the ThePonians.V s ..1.5.16. 185 There is then a me.7fure of finning, to which God in his '', o bier. Wrath permits entry impenitent, beyond which hee cannot pale, to which he ¡hail come before the /aft vengeance /èk,e vpon him. n Fill vp the mea/nreofyour Fathers, that on Si Mat. 2.3.32. you may come all the blood of Prophets. The Amorites muff nor yet be cut off, becaufetheir rnignitie°waano o Gen.«.iF. yet full. Where Vf. the reafon is cuident , of the Lotds bearing with fo much patience , the veffels of wrath prepared to deflrurclion ; nor becaufe he is regardlcffe of things done on earth , or allowes their accurfed courfes ; but becaulc they haue not yet filled vp the meafure of their ini- guitie. And it (hould patient vs a while,,though wee fee the enemies ofGods Church tolerated with impunitie;when once they are at their top in doing eui11, they fall head- long into defolation.. For the wrath of God is come vpon them to thevtmoft; its Tv,O-, vntill the end , force interpret : intimating the li:nir of time, f'et ro the wratb of God ; which once ex- pired, wrath fhould be remoued; All: to extrenilcie, and in full meat itre,anfwerabl . to the meafure of their finues. A."/There hethatthinkehim roexpreffe the perpetu ne of Gods wrath, as you would fay, wrath is coin. vpon them finally, fo as it (hall neuer be rernoucd. H.oweuer, applyed to the r. poWes purpolè, it occáfi- 0bfer. on s ro. ob feri a ir, as an a nidence of Gods extreaene wrath vp- on any people or perlon, to beginen vp to outrage, and nadie in finning: fo Paul proues Gods wrath manifeft from heauen againf} Gen,iles, becaufe they P were giuen otter p t?o.wt.t z4.ZE. to the fwt ndgeoftheirbrueifhoffe .11ions.Arid Daandin a .pi- rit of propheile praying Gods vtmollr vengeance upon his enemies, thus exprefferh. it : n Addeiniquitieto their q t fß;1.69.27. iniquitie.The Lord thus threatens to plague contempt of his Word and I udgement on Lewes; that they fhos ld r ne- r Eqcb,24.13. uer be purgedfrom their fnne,till they dyed, And