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r, 186 ¡ CHAP. 2. ,4n Expo fitionvponthefrrfr `V$a.Is.16 r 3 Vf f 2.71m.2.26. 2 And confider, Firf the perfons, whole judgement this is. Secondly, the confegtyents of the judgement. Thirdly, and manner ofinfl:&ing it ea1ly appeares, Firft, the perfon whole punifhrment this is, are Cafla- wayes. Gods children indeed he permits to fall into par- ticular as of difobedience. Firft, to chafen Securitie: Secondly, increafe Humilitie: Thirdly, and reach Corn. paffion, but rayfeth them againe by Repentance ; this is the proper plague of a Reprobate, to be given euer to fuch a meafure of finning, as admits no recalling. Secondly, the confcguents of this vengeance, are in this life,either hardnel% of heart,or remedileffe horrout of conicience ; in that to come,a meafuremore then or- dinarie of hellifh torments. Thirdly, the manner ofinflu 1 ng : Firfl:, by Defertion, God forfaltes them:Secondly,Tradition, giving vp ro the power ofSatan. How coldly therefore proceeds the inference of Gods fauour from outward blellïngs,amongfl: men giuenoiler to their owne corrupt affealons ? holden captive ofthe .Denill f to doe his will, in Dr akenneffe,Whoredom.e,I- dolatrie, Superflition. What greater euidence of Gods wrath can be upon their foules, then this diuine Deferti- on, and deliuerie ouer to the power ofSatan, to werke wickednelfe with greedinette ? And how lhould Gods people, deliuered from the power of darknetFe, fblace themfelues in all outward af- Hií`tions? What though our portion be euery dayes afAi- ilion,whiles we feele finne mortified ? wee,through our delicacie, thinke our fate miferable, becaufe of outward pretfures. Now if the option wereginen vs, ro line vaf- fals of Satan in the top ofprofperitie; or in of afflictions, but diliuered from Satans bondage whether would wee choofe ? to be fan&i fled, is a pledge of Gods loue to the f}arued Lazar: to line in Epicurifine, an cui- dence of Gods hate to the wealthiefk Glutton, On