Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

f CHAP. Z. Eptfile to the TheffaloraianS. VA R. I s . I 6 I s, On them to the vtmofl:Th ere once the people higheft in Gods fauour; no Nation graced with fùch pledges of his loue: now the chicle fpeaacle of Gods vtrnofi nrath, and extremefl difpleafirre. The higher any people orperfon is adaanced in cods fauour, Obfer. the heavier vengeance lights on them in cafe of their vnthank frinefe and difobedience. Capernaum lift vit to heauen t, is t Matai t.a3 brought downe to the lowefi Hell: iuftly for their rebelli- I on, and abule of Gods high fauour: this makes the Rate of an Apof¢ata more fearfull, then of a fimple Alien, be- caufe his rafle was more of Gods grace and fauour. How great are the prerogatiues of Gods fauours , vouchfafed to this Kingdonie, liberty of'the Golpell, peace in the profellion and praCìice of Piety 1 fitch as Aduerfaries haue long enuied vs:other Churches of God neuer yet fo fully enjoyed : Let vs not be high-minded, but feare. awry difobedience isinvs more haynous; Gods vengeance will be more extreme, if perhaps wee proue vnthankfull and rebellious. Let euery man obferue his fpecialties in Gods fauours; ZIF, vfe their meditarion,to excite ro more obedience. Is thy knowledge more ?. lee thy obedience be more elfo, elfe fhali'tby fripes be more. Is rhy wealth greater ? fee thy u Lake12 47 x wor&es of mercy be moreabundant,Haue wemore power x i Tim.6,13 and plenty of preaching ? fee that we more abound in knowledge, praCtice, euery grace of God : more tole- rable elfe ]hall be the flare of Sodom and Gomorrhe,. at the day of Iudgement, then ours. ..