Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

%-`°4-947,7735îw: 176 C 1.1 A P.2. .Bn Expofttion vpon the fr.fl V alt. 17 . I$ VERS.17.1S. B.t we, Brethren, being taken from you for a frort time in pretence, not in heart, endeuoured the more abondanti to fee 'oar face with ;great defsre. Wherefore we would haue come vntoyou, even I ?ad, once and againe, but Satan hindred vs. Obfer. y Afi.20.28. ad 34S. Ver r3 z At7.2o.28. 29.30. Yfe I He coherence feemes this ; the Apcille had occafionally mentioned rheiraffli r}i- cns, and profeffed his loue, becaufe hce law they might haply queflron his loue, ____ as pretended onely, firh hee fo Toone left them,and was fo long wanting ro their comfort : lire makes Apology ; profefling, Fuit, his departure was en- forced, his abfènce grieuous ; no other then when a Fa- ther is bereft of his children. Secondly, in body, not in Spirit. Thirdly, flriuen again! }. Fourthly, but hindred by Satan: JunoxpiNnss. Ths word intimates a Ieparati- on, fuch as Death makes twixt Father and Child : that looke what gricfe a Father füflaines when he is bereft of his children, or poore farherleire Orphanes depriued of Parents ; fuch and no !die grieuous was that, occafioned by his feparation a'iid abfènce. So Qrleuous to a Palter ftncerely afetled to Gods people, is exen enforced abfencefromthe Flocke: the kindef} Father takes normore rendcrly,rhe want of his deareii children. Reading the f}ory of Pants departure from r Ephefus, Inc thinkes I fee the behauiour of a dying Father in his lift farewell to his children ; fo pithy and pallionate are the Exhortations and Counfcls;euery word enough to make the hardef} heart to melt, in the hearing, and fuels relen- ting wrought they in the people. No mar uell: Firft,the dangers wherein they are: Se- condly, and % price of their foules conídered. Firfl, they are of merccna.y difpofition, that are not thus