Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

C u a P.I. Epe`J#te te the Theffaóonians. V a R. E; 3 .1 I I reade we him wauering, and diftrufifully fearing, left by continued aff7i tions,he fhould b deny the words of the Ho- b lob 6. ro, z!. y one. Thefummeisthis ,ltra our dmtie,etoendeauouralit rance: our miferie, and (inne alto ro doubt of Gods loue; yet our mate generali in this life, to bee incumbred with diftruflfull doubtings of Gods faueur ro vs in Chrift. And of the Infcription thus farre. VERB. a.3. Wegiuethanker to Gadalwaies for you all, making mentían ofyou in ourprayers, Remem6ring, without ceafng,your work! o f faith,and labour l clime, and patience of hope in our Lord 'elms Chrif, in the fight of God even our Father. ,° ,mv).r7oefrHe matter of the Epiflle now followes. ( ` It is 1pentpartly in commendation of this people; chiefly in exhortation : firfl, to perie eranceinthe faith and grace rear- tied: Secondly, to progreffc and going forward to perfeEtion. The three firft Chapters perfwade continuance; the two latterprogreffc in Grace; Tome other particulars are incidentally touched,but thefe arc the chiefe bent of the Apoftle. The maine incentiue to perfeuerance inf nuated in this Chapter,ir,the confideration of the rich Grace of God, beflowed on them by the Apofllesminifterie,andthe ge- nerall fame thereof in the Churches of God; from both which forcibly is inferred the necelity of their care to maintain! their Elation; firma they could not be ignorant, how much more defperate the cafe is, d to remelt from a a Pet.s,at. Grace, then neuer to receiue it. And out of Naturall principles accorded by Scripture, know the price of a =good Name,how much it exceeds the molt precious oynt- Esc1.7.7. ment.