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'<titi..6?ab'% '9 ..kINef- 12 C FI A P. I. tin Expofatien vpan the_ firJi V a R.z. 3, ment. And how much more inglorious and fhamefull it to ceafe to be, then neuer to haue beene religious. To this A rgument,the A pottle prefaceth with thankf- giuing to God, the foie Author of all Graces that they had receiued; profeffing alíò his inflance in prayer for their eflablifhment and profeftion in grace; to this end, that they might neither be puffed vp with telfe- conceit, by his ample commendation; nor forget, that their con firmation & perfiting in grace, was to be expeetedfrom that f God of all grace, b who had berme the rod werke in them. In the words we haue two things; Ertl, Paull offices and as of loue performed on their behalfe: thankfgi- uing and prayer to God. Secondly, his motiue or incite- ment thereto, Remembrance of the graces of God be -i Mowed on them; three whereof are mentioned, Verfe 3.1 the three Theological!venues, each of them amplified) by their effeEts, all by their founduetre and truth, in the fight of God, &c. From Pauli. at in giuing rhankes to God for graces beftowed on this people, is obferued, how not for our owne gracious eflate one y,bnt for others Wings infpirttuall things, weought to be a feEled vnte thankefsalne fe. Fig ft, Pra&ice of h Angels and i holy Men. Secondly, cömunion of Saints. Thirdly, glory thence acere wing to our God and Saui- our. Fourthly, our owne benefit arifing from vie thereof in their communication, by exhortation, k comfort, ex- ample, perfwade ir. Larger handling and application of this point, fee in Annotations ad Rom. cap. t.whither I remit the Reader. The graces forwhich h e giues thanks,are Paith,Hope, and Loue: Their nature may, on fame fitter occalon, be hereafter handled;their Defcription by effffs here only, take notice of; their Faith working; their Loue laboriou; their Hpc attended with patience: The worke of Faith, there be that interpret all good offices & fruits, growing from faPet.S.TO. g phil,1, 6. Obfer. t.; IMM,.°: , -.. g