Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

CI4AP,1. Epißleto the Ttefalottiax$. VPn,z.3. from this radicali vcrtue of Faith, towards God, our Neighbour, our felues : none that wor ke xp7 t oxnt' per - feuerance: what if wte take it, for that Ertl etiident fruit thereof', the r purifying of the heart: as the Apcftle aflociats conuerfion vnte ir, Verf,9. And fecondly, after this fénie, their holincfle is more gully and diftinftly, according to all parts thereof, expreffed. . ToLoue,he gluts labour, m as elfcwhere:thcreby inti- mating their vnwearied induttrie, and diligence in pro- curing, and furthering the good of Gods Church. To Hope,patience, n the expeftationcf eternall life, being that that mitigates and fweetens the bittereft afAi- ftions incident into this life. How alluoui andfullofliuelibooei, and operation, all fa- uinggraces area is the note. Saith Peter,hauing reckoned-vp the gifts ofSanctification, whence wee gather atThrance of calling and cleftion: if thefe thins: beeinyouand a- bound, theymake you, thatyoufiiall neither n bee idle nor vn- fruitfull in the knowledgeof Chrif, particulars viewed euì dente it plentifully. P The wifedome that is from about., is pure, peaceable, gentle, eafe to be in a word, full ofinercy .andgood fruits. r Loue, truely Chriftian, how fruitful! and frill of operation : like thinke of all Graces accompanying faluation; herein they haue all a relith of their Fountains; that they are aftions operatiue, full of }iuclihood and eflcacie. A meditation rroff needful! for there idle, and there- fore dif %mbling times: whereto, on this ground,thar of Salomon may not vnfitly b e applyed :r Every man will boat¢ of his ovine rig bteoufnef e, but where may wee finde a faithful! man? thou lily eft thou ballfairh,whereby thou l.opeft to be fau e d: But wilt thou know, O vainc man, f that faith with- out work! isdead ?equiuocally faith, that is, in truth, no faith, at leaftinetieflual! tolluation ? wee may by no meanes thinke he bath faith towards god, that hath not t repentance alfo froth dead worker; and U care to purge fe f e fliï, If. g. o 3 Pet.I. 8. p ram: 3.17. ql Cora 3,4i 5)6)7. Oft. r Pio. zo: 6. f Iam.a, zo, tHeb.6. I. u r lob,3.3