Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

`.i--r.w- I¢ x 0.4attb.24.1 z. yGen.49. I. zTjal,r zz.6, t '4. a t Cor. 3. 9, b T Tim. S.T S. dlob.zt, Tir 6, I7r. ePhil.3,r4, f zCor.4, r 7, t Rom. 8. Ty,' Tint. 2.02, C H A P, t. iln Expo f tiox ^upon the,i&rfi V ¡elfe at Coedit pure. Loue, I coddle,- is much talked of, & much ciimended;but the proucrbial complaint touch- ing the lot of all vertue,bell fits this ofloue: it is praifed indeed, but waxen cold: aslfJachar, fo generally Chri- Ilians, fee a Y QoodnefJ"e in eafe. ft is loue enough, they thinke, to will: well to the Church;to 2 pray for the peace, and building vp of Ierufalem,though they moue nor one l'tane to raiic the walls thereof It were well, this idle loue were found amongfl people ottcly,and had not fpred to force parr of the Minifterie alto. We mutt remember that the detcriptionof our calling, by the toyle of a husbandman, and of b Oxen treading out the corne, and fuch like, were not refemblances peculiar to Apoftolicall funaion, but ought to bee anfwered in our mduttric. d Simon, faith our Sauiour, Lomeli thou me ?feed my lbeepe: they loue not Chrift, who being Miniflers, feede more themfelues then their fheepe. What fhould I fpeake of the tendernefte and delicacie of the times, inrefpeEl of the Crotte : They are Flea -bi- rings, in comparifun to the flings ofScorpìons, that wee are called to fuffcrfor righteoufnell:e; if wee cafe backe our eyes to former times ofperfecurlon. The hope ofour ecalïzng íe high; the glory hyperbolically f waightie, and euerlafling ; the ala55lions light and momentary. Hope wee profetretoraignc with Chrift; yet g refufeto fuffer' with him. Non fia6it, non crititud: heehathnopromufe for hope to rat on, that for the hope fake of heauen, is not patient in tribulation. VERS. 4. Knowing, 'Brethren beloued,yoxr eleïlion of G od. Haller that (of God) be referred to belo- ued,or to eleEtion,the Tex,: is indifferét: A f econd moriue to Pants thankfgiuing and prayer on this peoples behalf,is here ipeci- bed. íY;.r`+pp;;i&`..rPl`Ì+I-.f °,'sy /sÌ, a.'r,,., _rl